Chef Gordon Ramsay displays horrific bruising from ‘really bad’ bike accident: ‘It’s been a brutal week’

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay shared an important message Saturday on social media about a “really bad” accident he had while biking in Connecticut, warning viewers about the importance of wearing a helmet while displaying the terrible bruising he is now dealing with.

“I’d like to share a very important message with you all,” Ramsay began. “You know how much I love cycling and triathlons and Iron Man, et cetera. This week, unfortunately, I had a really bad accident and it really shook me. And honestly, I’m lucky to be here.”

“Now, from those incredible trauma surgeons, doctors, and nurses in the hospital that looked after me this week, they were amazing, but honestly, you’ve got to wear a helmet,” he continued. “I don’t care how short the journey is. I don’t care, you know, the fact that these helmets cost money. But they’re crucial, even with kids — a short journey, they’ve got to wear a helmet. Now, I’m lucky to be standing here. I’m in pain. It’s been a brutal week, and I’m sort of getting through it.”

At this point, Ramsay gingerly raised his chef’s jacket to show severe bruising on much of his torso. Deep, horrific bruising.

“But I cannot tell you the importance of wearing a helmet,” Ramsay said. “This weekend is massive, it’s Father’s Day. For new fathers, old fathers, and middle-aged fathers, I want to wish you all a very happy Father’s Day. But please, please, please, please wear a helmet. Because if I didn’t honestly, I wouldn’t be here now. Happy Father’s Day!”

On Instagram, Ramsay offered details of his injuries: “‘I’m doing ok and did not break any bones or suffer any major injuries but I am a bit bruised up looking like a purple potato.”

He also included Before and After photos showing the damage to the helmet he was wearing, supporting his desperate plea for bikers to wear a helmet:

Social media users were happy that Ramsay survived the ordeal — here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on the social media platform X:

Tom Tillison


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