Huma Abedin trends on X after Epstein dump, and it’s some pretty weird stuff!

Amidst the recent dump of unredacted names related to pedophile sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a familiar name — Hillary Clinton’s former right hand, Huma Abedin — began trending on X, as internet sleuths suggest Abedin is the identity of the mysterious “John Doe 107,” who reportedly “feared for her life if Jeffrey Epstein’s list gets released.”

According to independent journalist Dom Lucre, Doe #107 received an extension to review the documents before being unmasked.

“I have been sent THE alleged the name from a high ranking N.Y. state detective of the woman that feared for her life if Jeffrey Epstein’s list get released and got her extension until January 22, 2024, John Doe 107,” Lucre reported on X. “This alleged woman has an extensive relationship with Hillary Clinton and I am getting information on the legal protection I would have if I released this name or allegation.”

“From source: ‘Dom, Doe107 is (CENSORED). I listened to (CENSORED) where he stated she is afraid of honor killings and violence due to the conservative nature of her country. (CENSORED) resided in (CENSORED) with her family also she is of (CENSORED) decent,'” he stated.

“I’m waiting on a call from another lawyer now,” Lucre wrote in a follow-up post. “I’ll say this, you guys don’t BS with your skills in guess who. And as always I am not suicidal.”

Indeed, there was little in the way of “BS,” as X users quickly pointed to Abedin, who used to be married to disgraced pedophile Anthony Weiner.

As BizPac Review reported back in 2019, stunned FBI agents found in Sept. 2016 thousands and thousands of Hillary Clinton’s private emails on Weiner’s laptop while they were searching for evidence of his inappropriate “sexting” with an underage girl.

“It sounds a lot like Huma Abedin, pedo Anthony Wieners ex, and one of Hillary’s closest aides, who has a Pakistani background and resided in Saudi Arabia (which would explain the fear of honour killing),” wrote one X user of Doe #107.

“Just to be clear,” the user added, “this is a guess based on the information provided by Dom’s source through Dom. The guess is probably wrong, and the source could be lying about or misrepresenting information that is being provided to Dom. As always, take everything along these lines with a grain of salt, as speculation, until proven true.”

Few were as cautious.

“If this is true, this is probably Huma,” stated another user. “Oh lawd, frazzle-drip. Buckle up peeps.”

The “frazzle-drip” comment is a reference to a supposed “snuff” film circulating on the dark web that allegedly features Abedin and Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin killed a Teen Girl & [drank] her blood called ‘Frazzle Drip,'” one “rabbit hole” jumper claimed.

“Helen Keller could see it’s Huma Abedin as Jane Doe 107 on the #EpsteinIslandFlightLogs,” a third declared. “We’re really Bird Boxing it on this one.”

The speculation didn’t stop there.

It is important to note that none of these claims have been proven, though they have long been discussed in so-called “conspiratorial” chatrooms.

But just in case, as one user put it, “Huma Abedin didn’t kill herself…”

Melissa Fine


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