Hunter Biden explains in creepy laptop note that his obsession with his own penis is ‘body dysmorphia’

Just when you thought the “laptop from hell” couldn’t get any worse, an uncovered note on the hard drive reveals that Hunter Biden believes his obsession with his own penis is due to “body dysmorphia.”

“I loved to be reassured that my 9-inch very big penis was actually big. It may sound funny to you but its [sic] body dysmorphia …” Biden wrote in July 2018.  “I know my penis is almost twice the size of an average man’s penis.”

The note was discovered on the hard drive of the now infamous laptop Biden failed to retrieve from a Delaware computer store in April 2019, according to the New York Post.

While damning details of Hunter’s overseas business deals and repeated business connections to his then Vice President father, Joe Biden, are continuing to come to light, the seemingly endless number of naked selfies pulled from Hunter’s computers have painted a disturbing picture of the first son, who can’t seem to take his eyes off himself.

Amateur, homemade porn, drug use, selfies shot in varying degrees of nude, and Hunter’s junk, slouching at attention, have torched the internet.

There’s just so much of it.

The day after opining on his piece, Hunter Biden uploaded a whole series of photos starring him and an unnamed woman having sex.

Alyson Cohen is a New York City-based psychotherapist with experience treating those who suffer with body dysmorphic disorder, a condition which, according to the Mayo Clinic, causes the afflicted to obsess over perceived flaws or defects in their personal appearance.

“It sounds like it’s an overcompensation. In the past [Hunter] may have felt there was something lacking and it seems like he bases a lot of his internalized value with his penis,” Cohen told The Post.

Given the death of his mother in 1972, the character of his stepmother, Jill Biden, and his tumultuous relationships with women, such as the widow of his brother, Hallie Biden, one might be led to believe “mommy issues” may have something to do with his feelings of inadequacy.

Freud would have a field day.

Hunter’s introspective penis note goes on to bash Hallie Biden, who began a relationship with Hunter after her husband, Beau Biden, died of brain cancer in 2015.

“When the woman you have given up everything for says to a crowd of people ‘il [sic] loved Beau, I’m addicted to Hunter.’ What does anyone who has an addiction want to do more than anything. They want to rid themselves of that awful obsession,” he wrote.

“Any transgression on her part is forgiven because they all know she was under the influence of Hunter. She never acted this way before. Jesus what the f—k did Hunter do now,” he continued.

According to Hunter, Hallie is “sadistic” and would often insult his penis as a way to “tear down my already fragile ego.”

“I think he must associate [his penis] with his value to some degree,” said Cohen, “which is probably why he was so upset when Hallie didn’t recognize it as a value to her.”


Melissa Fine


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