‘I am not suicidal’: UFO whistleblower says he faces ‘threats’, GOP Rep warns his protections are a ‘joke’

U.S. Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) criticized current protections for UFO whistleblowers as a “joke” and said he’s “alarmed” after what a friend has experienced.

“There is whistleblower protection, but it’s a joke, and we know it’s a joke,” Burchett told Fox News Digital in discussing the threats his “dear friend” Luis Elizondo, who ran the Pentagon’s UFO unit, has been facing.

Elizondo, the former director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), has spoken out about the threats against himself and “several other whistleblowers formerly associated with the UAP [unidentified anomalous phenomena] effort for the U.S. Government.”

“I would like to make this perfectly clear to the American people. I am not prone to accidents. I am not suicidal. I am not abusing drugs. I am not engaged in any illicit activities,” he expressed last month in a statement to “The Good Trouble Show.”

“If something happens to me or my family members in the future, you will know what happened,” he warned.

The former U.S. Army Counterintelligence Special Agent expressed his concerns to Burchett who said they spoke about the situation when the two had dinner together. Though details were not provided about who made the threats or what they entailed, the congressman was angry and more than disturbed over the claims.

“Lou is a dear friend of mine, and I take any threat against anybody seriously, especially against friends and somebody that has given so much to this country and to this issue [UFOs],” Burchett told Fox News Digital.

“So, I’m very much aware of it, and I’m very much alarmed. I’m pursuing every avenue I can to get to the bottom of it,” he added.

David Grusch, a former U.S. intelligence officer and Air Force veteran, “testified in front of Congress that his life was threatened and he was instructed to keep quiet about a secret government-run crashed UFO retrieval program,” according to Fox News.

“I can’t get into the specifics in an open forum but… what I personally witnessed myself and my wife was very disturbing,” he told lawmakers.

“I’ve faced brutal, unfortunate tactics” of retribution which he described to Congress as “administrative terrorism.”

Investigative reporter Jeremy Corbell, who has fought for UFO transparency, has also noted the “big risk to my safety” in making a docuseries that took an “in-depth look at the whistleblowers who sparked a UFO revolution.”

The Pentagon’s UFO-focused office, AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office), released a report in March that claimed to have found no evidence of aliens or alien technology, or that there were any reverse engineering programs secretly being run by the government.

Corbell slammed the 63-page report, telling Fox News Digital at the time, “The historical review is an attempt to rewrite history and obscure the basic fundamental facts about the UFO phenomenon.”

Frieda Powers


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