‘I can’t afford eggs anymore!’ Biden falsely tells Americans ‘inflation is coming down’ ahead of holiday celebrations

As Americans celebrate the holidays under the black cloud of economic stress, President Joe Biden thought it would be prudent to issue remarks on how great the economy is doing.

The full remarks can be heard below for curious minds:

But for those who don’t have that kind of time, or who don’t take kindly to being lied to, the denizens of Twitter captured some of the best (or worst) moments.

No, he really said that.

If anyone has been to the grocery store lately, this next one will probably make the least sense:

So when can Americans expect to see a stabilization of prices? According to Biden “I can’t make that prediction.”

But fear not, weary citizen, the plan is “working.”

At one point, Biden told the “blatant lie” that wages have gone up more than prices. Twitter users didn’t like that:

Sierra Marlee


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