‘I did that’ stickers on gas pumps wreaking havoc on managers: ‘Joe Biden doesn’t own this station’

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An Alabama gas station manager is begging customers to stop vandalizing his station’s gas pumps with the iconic “I Did That” stickers that show President Joe Biden pointing at something.

The reason why is not necessarily because Exxon station assistant manager Perry Cagle disagrees with the popular sentiment that Biden is wholly responsible for the forever-escalating gas price crisis.

Speaking with Huntsville station WAAY, he explained that the stickers pose two chief problems. One, they trigger liberal customers, which leads to said customers harassing him with their grievances.

“I have had one or two people come in here and complain about it,” Cagle said.

Two, and much more consequentially, stations lose compliance points when inspectors from Exxon’s corporate office see the stickers.

“[I]t’s causing issues for us because we get points taken off if our corporate comes by and does inspections they do,” he explained.

Thanks to Cagle’s customers, he’s forced to spend a portion of every workday simply removing the stickers from pumps.

“I take off five or six a day from our different pumps,” he told WAAY.

He’d prefer if his customers would put the stickers on their own property instead.

“Put it on your car, put it on your house. Don’t vandalize private property,” he said.

The stickers come in a number of different styles, though they all boast the same theme: The current U.S. president pointing at something while saying, “I did that!”

(Source: Amazon)

Cagle added that it’s ultimately pointless to put the stickers on gas pumps because it’s not like an ultra-wealthy elite like Biden pumps his own gas.

“Joe Biden doesn’t own this station and he’s not going to come by and fill up his tank and see that sticker and say ‘oh man I should’ve lowered gas prices today!'” Cagle said.

According to CNBC, “current and former presidents and vice presidents are not allowed to operate motor vehicles on the open road.”

“For security reasons, high profile government officials and former officials, like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, as well as both Bill and Hillary Clinton, have to rely on their appointed secret service teams, who are trained in ‘evasive and defensive driving maneuvers,'” CNBC reported in 2017.

The report was published after former President George W. Bush admitted to comedian Jay Leno that he hadn’t driven a car on the open road in 25 years:

As for WAAY’s report, it comes amid a seemingly never-ending increase in gas prices.

“U.S. gas prices are rising at a record pace as Western sanctions on Russia’s financial and shipping industries cut off oil supplies from global markets and refineries struggle to keep up with surging demand,” The Washington Post reported Friday.

Citing numbers from AAA, the Post confirmed that the “average price per gallon of unleaded gasoline jumped 9 cents at domestic service stations Friday to $3.84” after having already jumped seven cents just a day earlier.

“A week ago, drivers paid 26 cents less on average per gallon,” according to the Post.

(Source: GasBuddy)

Meanwhile, the president is reportedly mulling banning Russian oil/gas, a move that critics say would cause gas prices to skyrocket.

Fortune magazine notes that, even though the U.S. only sources about five percent of its oil from Russia, if it joined European nations in banning Russian oil, the effect would be felt here as well because of the world’s interconnectivity.

“[T]he real concern is if all countries stopped importing oil from Russia, available supply would tighten, and ‘the price of oil would go through the roof,’ which would add inflationary pressure, making heating homes and driving cars more expensive in the West,” Fortune reported Thursday, quoting from Adam Pankratz, a professor at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

Republicans have argued that the president could greatly enhance the situation by simply ending his war on domestic oil/gas. But the administration refuses to relent, preferring instead to argue that “green energy” is the solution.

Yet Europe’s investments in “green energy” are why the continent’s countries are so dependent on Russian oil/gas. They’re so dependent, in fact, that if they were to institute a ban, “the worst case is that people start dying because they can’t heat their homes,” according to Pankratz.

A few European nations have learned their lesson and are now rolling back their “green” initiatives and investing in traditional energy.

“Some member states, like Germany and Ireland, accept that new gas plants are needed as back-up and a bridge to a cleaner future,” according to The Economist.

But the Biden administration has thus far refused to learn this lesson …

Vivek Saxena


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