Dana Perino hits Biden: We ‘changed our entire energy policy because Greta Thunberg yelled at us’

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Fox News’ Dana Perino is on a roll. As previously reported, on Tuesday she accused President Joe Biden of having blown his State of the Union address. A day later, she upped her criticism by accusing the president of having outsourced his energy policies to a child.

Speaking on Fox News’ “The Five,” she began her criticism by zeroing in on the president’s announcement, made during his State of the Union address, that his administration is working “with 30 other countries to release 60 million barrels of oil from reserves around the world” to “help blunt gas prices.”

Perino was unimpressed.

“That, I think, is an insulting policy decision by the White House, to proclaim that like it’s some great thing for the State of the Union address, because if you’re at home and you think … that sounds like a lot, it’s less than three days of what we consume. So that’s ridiculous,” she said.

She wasn’t wrong.

Perino added that a much smarter strategy would be to “ramp up” America’s fossil fuel production. And, she added, the president could have blunted the effect this announcement would have had on his far-left base by first greasing up the base with some talk about “cleaner energy.”

“You know what the president could have done last night? He could have done an operational warp speed for innovation in terms of getting to the place where we would have cleaner energy, reward innovation, figure out a way to put a whole bunch of money into ‘you guys, you go figure it out all across the country — please, just go figure it out,'” she explained.

“But then to tell the left very clearly we’re going to have to ramp up our traditional fossil fuels for the next several years so that we can protect our national security and protect your gas prices. But rest assured, we’re trying to get to the greener energy and that’s what we’re going to do.”

That would have solved two problems with one stone: It would have appeased the president’s far-left base while also equipping America with what it needs — massively ramped up fossil fuel production — to lower gas prices.

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld responded to her idea by asking why nobody’s “asked Greta Thunberg” for her take.

Thunberg is the impressively precocious but sadly radicalized now-19-year-old who became a sensation by lecturing grown adults about climate change while she was still in her mid-teens.

Perino responded sarcastically, saying, “I know … we actually changed our entire energy policy because Greta Thunberg yelled at us.”

Her exaggerated claim wasn’t actually too far off from the truth. The rise of Thunberg as an international sensation coincided with the mainstream establishment’s adoption of far-left “green” policies.

The president, for instance, refuses to increase fossil fuel production, is OK with sacrificing jobs for a “greener” climate, has waged war against the natural gas industry and just recently nominated a “radical” climate change activist to the Federal Reserve.

Asked during the 2020 presidential election about whether he’s willing to sacrifice traditional jobs if it’d help more quickly transition America into a “greener economy,” the then-Democrat candidate said “yes.”

And he’d clearly meant it, because as soon as he took office, he began destroying jobs by, as an example, eliminating pipelines:

Yet even this hasn’t been enough for Greta.

In her latest rant, she excoriated the president for allegedly failing to push America toward green energy.

“I mean, it’s strange that people think of Joe Biden as a leader for the climate when you see what his administration is doing. The U.S. is actually expanding fossil fuel infrastructure. Why is the U.S. doing that?” she said in December.

“It should not fall on us activists and teenagers who just want to go to school to raise this awareness and to inform people that we are actually facing an emergency.”

She’s among the radical activists who genuinely believe that the Earth and its occupants are headed toward certain doom unless society is completely restructured.

Besides promoting radical climate solutions, Thunberg has also adopted left-wing views on race, on gender, on every other issue.

Some might say she’s a certified Leftwing Activist — one with a minor in radical climate activism.


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