‘Discriminatory’ plan to make part of Australian national park men-only causes outrage

A plan to make part of a New South Wales, Australian national park men-only, banning local Indigenous women from visiting Mount Warning which is considered a “men’s […]

Indiana police officer and wife celebrate adoption of newborn girl abandoned in ‘Safe Haven Baby Box’

An Indiana police officer and his wife are joyfully celebrating this Thanksgiving the adoption of a newborn baby girl just months after she was abandoned in a […]

Joy Behar reveals why she got the boot from ‘Good Morning America’ years ago

“The View” co-host Joy Behar revealed on air Wednesday that she had been previously fired by “Good Morning America” for being the worst receptionist they reportedly ever […]

‘Complete dumpster fire’: Parents outraged as school district meetings go virtual amid gender ideology worries

Oregon’s North Clackamas School District has decided to take the coward’s way out and move board meetings on after parents voiced outrage over LGBTQ+ content being taught […]

Kid Rock fights demolition of Hank Williams’ historic home: I’m ‘sick of seeing history torn to the ground’

Kid Rock is incensed over the potential demolition of country legend Hank William’s historic Tennessee antebellum home, telling Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Tuesday that he’s […]

Colorado nightclub shooter says he is ‘non-binary,’ lawyer asks court to use ‘they/them’ pronouns

The attorney for the suspected Colorado Springs gay club shooter, Anderson Lee Aldrich, has pointedly asked the court to use “they/them” pronouns when addressing his client because […]

Authorities exhume FIFTY THREE bags of human remains in Mexico after dog spotted carrying human hand

Approximately 53 bags of human remains have been uncovered at a makeshift grave site in the town of Irapuato after locals reported seeing a dog with a […]

Tucker slams clothing brand for ‘CREEPY’ ad campaign with toddlers holding teddy bears in bondage

Fox News host Tucker Carlson exposed a depraved ad campaign for fashion house Balenciaga that appears to use toddlers cuddling teddy bears in bondage outfits while the […]

‘We stand behind Jack 100%’: No strong leads as parents of murdered ID student say ex-boyfriend is innocent

The quiet college town of Moscow, Idaho was rocked by a quadruple homicide last week and the parents of one of the victims are defending their daughter’s […]

Five dead after shooting at Colo. Springs LGBTQ club; motive unclear but attack billed as ‘hate crime’

An armed suspect reportedly opened fire at a Colorado nightclub early Sunday morning in an incident that tragically left five persons dead and nearly 20 wounded. The […]

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