Defiant, fist-pumping Trump receives standing O at Tulsa wrestling event

As his fans reportedly flocked to Mar-a-Lago on Saturday to protest his potential upcoming indictment, former President Donald Trump meanwhile received a standing ovation when he arrived […]

Psaki makes late-night comedy actually funny: ‘MSNBC has a very high standard of what is factual’

Liberals live in a world of their own making, a world where these morally righteous ideologues lo past contradicting realities to appoint themselves the arbiters of all […]

Eighteen female guards fired or quit over alleged sex romps with inmates, three sentenced to prison

Eighteen female guards were either fired or quit HMP Berwyn, Britain’s largest and cushiest male prison after they were caught hoing up with inmates in wild sex […]

Mark Levin issues full-throated defense of ‘vibrant, vigorous’ Fox News, swings hard at network’s competitors

Amidst rising calls from narrative-peddling leftists determined to squelch the First Amendment that Fox News be censored over coverage of election integrity concerns and Tucker Carlson’s reporting […]

St. Louis homicide detective outs Soros-backed DA’s ‘exclusion list,’ says ‘not worth it’ to be a cop

Roger Murphey, a former St. Louis homicide detective who was on the force for 26 years, accused George Soros-backed district attorney, Kimberly Gardner, of putting him on […]

Church of Cannabis fights to keep ritual ‘meditation’ sculpture, claims Denver violating 1st Amendment

The International Church of Cannabis — yes, there is an International Church of Cannabis — is accusing the city of Denver, Colorado, of violating its First Amendment […]

Giant seaweed ‘blob’ heading toward Florida a threat to beaches and coastal residents

Seaweed visible from space is causing health concerns for Southwest Florida as residents and visitors alike are warned to stay out of “red tide” washing tons of […]

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers appeal hate crime rap, say previous racist comments don’t prove targeting

The three convicted murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, the black men shot in 2020 near Brunswick, Georgia, have appealed the jurors’ finding that the killing was a “hate […]

Oscar aftermath: Missteps and madness … and were the Academy Awards brought to you by Pfizer?

The 95th Academy Awards have come and gone and while one movie stole the show with the most awards, sketchy sponsorships, and awkward moments from the red […]

Beaming MD mom arrested for storming school, assaulting daughter’s suspected 7th-grade bully

A Maryland mom was arrested and charged with second-degree assault and trespassing after she allegedly stormed into Aberdeen Middle School with her daughter in tow and made […]

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