‘I think we’re past that’: NBC News tries to press Lara Trump on ‘stolen’ 2020 election

Former President Donald Trump may still be raising his concerns about the 2020 election but his daughter-in-law says the Republican Party is past disputing the results.

Lara Trump, the recently elected co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), told NBC News that the party is forward-focused but will apply the “hard lessons” learned from the contentious 2020 election that saw her father-in-law lose his re-election bid to Joe Biden.

“I know you’ve said in the past that you don’t think the 2020 election was fairly decided but is it going to be the position of the RNC in 2024 that the 2020 election was not fairly decided or that it was stolen somehow?” NBC News correspondent Garrett Haake asked the wife of the former president’s son, Eric Trump.

“Well, I think we’re past that. I think that’s in the past,” she replied. “We learned a lot. Certainly, we took a lot of notes.”

She noted that there are currently 23 states with 78 lawsuits “to ensure that it is harder to cheat and easier to vote.” This, she contended, should be something every voter – regardless of party affiliation – should want.

“We want fairness and transparency in our elections,” Trump continued.

“The past is the past, and unfortunately, we had to learn a couple of hard lessons in 2020,” she told Haake. “Believe me, we are applying them all across this country in every single state, and we want to ensure that, indeed, every single legal vote is counted.”

She also addressed efforts to get the voters engaged by the renewed RNC – which saw a mass layoff earlier this month after former chair Ronna McDaniel and co-chair Drew McKissick stepped down.

“I think when we’re looking at [the] actual election, we have to start encouraging Republican voters to do things like voting early, trust mail-in voting,” she said. “These are ways that we actually can have a big lead as we head into Election Day, and these are things that traditionally Republicans have sort of shied away from.”

And that includes her father-in-law as she discussed the presumptive GOP nominee’s past comments about early and mail-in voting.

“Well, I actually think if you talk to him right now, you will see that he is very much embracing early voting,” she said.

“I think that the message that the people of this country have sent to Donald Trump, and you saw it in the primaries, is that they want to get out and they want to vote for him as soon as they possibly can,” Trump continued. “And if that means Day 1 of early voting for people, he’s very happy for them to go out and do it.”

Trump also pointed to her experience to provide confidence in her abilities as RNC co-chair.

“I have had so much experience,” she said. “If you look at the fact that I am one of very few people who can say that I have been part of now three presidential campaigns, the media exposure and experience that we in the Trump family have had over the past eight years rivals most people who make their career in politics.

“I think the reason that I’m here is to assure people who ever had any question as to how their money is being spent, can they trust the RNC? Can they donate to this entity?” Trump continued. “Trust me, I am the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump. I will ensure that every penny of every dollar is going to causes that Republican voters care about.”

Frieda Powers


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