Ilhan Omar is posting photos of herself with Jewish commentators online now

A series of photo-ops showed Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) making strange bedfellows to bolster her bash of Biden’s response to the Israel-Hamas war, including a holocaust survivor and “Rabbi.”

After expressing considerably more outcry over Israel’s counteroffensive than the Oct. 7 terror attack and slaughter of more than 1,400 people that had triggered it, the Somali-born, Muslim congresswoman has endeavored to frame herself as an ally of the Jewish people and a herald of peace contrasting President Joe Biden.

As one of many leftists demanding a ceasefire, Omar’s protestations of holding the high ground on morality rankled with pandering as she posed with Jewish Commentators. In one such image, that appeared to be taken the same day as a ceasefire rally in Washington, D.C., the “Squad” member lumped other agenda items in while posing with a man who had survived the horrors of World War II as a boy.

“I was honored and deeply moved to meet with Manfred Lindenbaum. Manfred, whose niece Beth is a constituent and friend, escaped Nazi Germany on a kinder transport with his 8 year old brother when he was 6, while his 14 year old sister was not allowed on the transport,” the legislator’s social media read on Nov. 14. “She and both his parents later perished at Auschwitz. We talked about our shared trauma and refugee stories, the importance of humane immigration policies (particularly towards children), gun violence prevention and the current war in Gaza.”

Seeking to unseat Omar as a Republican, former journalist and senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy Dalia al-Aqidi took umbrage with the post and captioned it, “That was a cheap shot. When I was in Israel last week I met with families of those taken hostage by the terrorists of Hamas. I offered our support since you refuse to.”

Two days later, the lawmaker posted an image of herself wearing the same outfit and said, “I was honored to meet with Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, a proud Minnesotan. In our powerful conversation, we agreed that true peace can only happen when the current violence ends. I sincerely pray for an immediate ceasefire and the safe return of all hostages.”

“Rabbi Jessica” happened to be the same alphabet activist who had interrupted President Joe Biden during a speech and said before being removed, “Mr. President, if you care about Jewish people, as a rabbi, I need you to call for a ceasefire right now.”

Equally outraged by the posturing devoid of substance, the non-profit Democratic Majority for Israel reacted to the meeting with the so-called Rabbi and wrote, “Blue-washing and tautologies… ‘true peace can only happen when the current violence ends.’ No kidding. Hamas could end the violence tomorrow by surrendering themselves, their weapons and the hostages. Congresswoman and Rabbi why aren’t you urging Hamas to do that?”

The organizations weren’t alone in seeing through Omar’s pandering as others called out the “contrived press releases with sanitized language,” of the congresswoman who had been removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over a record of antisemitic remarks.

Kevin Haggerty


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