Illegal alien accused of killing state trooper has bail drastically slashed by judge

A judge drastically slashed the bail for an illegal alien who is accused of killing a Washington State trooper earlier this year, drawing an angry response from the dead lawman’s family.

Last week, Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Richard Okrent cut the bail for 32-year-old Raul Benitez Santana who was being held in the county jail from $1 million to $100,000, according to Fox News which cited online jail records.

Santana has been behind bars since March for the death of WSP Trooper Christopher M. Gadd, a 27-year-old husband and two-year-old daughter who will now have to grow up without her dad.

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Around 3:00 a.m. on March 2, Gadd was sitting in the driver seat of his patrol car which was parked on the grass on the shoulder of southbound I-5 in Marysville when the vehicle was struck by Santana who was traveling at an excessive speed. Gadd never had a chance.

Santana, a Mexican citizen who is “unlawfully” living in the United States according to ICE, was driving an SUV at 112 mph with the lights off when it swerved and plowed into the back of Gadd’s vehicle which was “fully marked” when struck. Witnesses said the SUV was moving “at a very high rate of speed with no lights on.”

Court documents reported by KOMO said that Santana hit the brakes just before plowing into the patrol car, slowing to 107 mph on impact. According to the documents, “Gadd’s patrol vehicle suffered catastrophic damage to the rear and driver’s side.”

Santana admitted that he had been smoking marijuana and drinking before the crash and “he emitted an obvious odor of intoxicants as he spoke,” investigators said.

“I had a grey SUV pass me at about 100 miles an hour, maybe more, with no lights on. It caught me off guard didn’t see it coming. And it passed me on the right, I believe it was and then in the distance, I could see it hit something. But I wasn’t sure what it was,” said witness Ali Asadi.

“If released, his parents will welcome him back into their home,” Santana’s attorneys said in a court filing, pleading that their client couldn’t afford the initial bail amount. “He is not a flight risk.”

“Cammryn Gadd, the trooper’s newly widowed spouse, objected to her husband’s killer being put back onto the streets.

“Reducing bail would not only undermine the severity of the crime but also inflict further anguish and distress upon me, our child, and the rest of our family,” Mrs. Gadd wrote in a letter to the judge, according to the Everett Herald.

Judge Okrent sided with Santana, cutting the bail on May 15, a decision that was applauded by his lawyers.

“Mr. Benitez-Santana is a long-time member of our community, and Washington State is undeniably his home,” Emily Hancock and Tiffany Mecca wrote in an email. “The court did the right thing when it upheld the laws and policies of the State of Washington and lowered bail in this case.”

Deputy prosecutor Tobin Darrow said he was “very disappointed in Judge Okrent’s decision, the Everett Herald reported.

The human toll of “Biden’s border bloodbath” just keeps climbing.

Chris Donaldson


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