‘I’m f**king angry!’ Boston man goes OFF over rec center being turned into migrant camp

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healy (D) has sparked a firestorm of criticism over the closing of the Melnea A. Cass Recreational Complex and Swimming Pool in the predominantly black Roxbury neighborhood to use the facility to house illegal immigrants.

“The issue with the migrants is hard. There aren’t easy solutions. Everyone is trying as best they can in what is a really challenging situation. But my administration’s commitment to Roxbury is real,” Healy said earlier this week, trying to placate the community.

A video making the rounds online captures the sheer frustration being felt by American citizens who are being displaced in favor of foreign nationals who ignore U.S. immigration laws to enter the country illegally.

“I’ve been here my whole f**king life. I can yell and I’m f**king angry,” a man screamed outside the facility, which has police protection. “Why can’t I get in the f**king building? Where’s the mayor at?”

“Y’all don’t give a f**k about the motherf**kers that was born and f**king raised here,” the man added. “Y’all gonna bring some other motherf**kers here. That doesn’t f**king add up… I’m f**king homeless. I work a full-time job.”

The rec center is being billed by the media as a “safe space for hundreds of families over the next few months.” The “migrant families” will enjoy “beds, play areas and other necessities,” according to local reporting.

As for booting local residents from the facility, Gov. Healey said, “We didn’t have a choice.”

The odds are overwhelming that most of these residents voted for the Democrats enacting the policies resulting in America being overwhelmed by millions of illegal immigrants, and the local Democrats who are rolling out the red carpet for them. The odds are just as good that they will continue voting for these politicians.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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