Indiana medical students schooled in woke DEI instruction on gender

If you’re a first-year medical student, chances are you’re taking a basic “Human Structure” class.

By all sane definitions, the course should be an introduction to things like biology and anatomy.

But if you’re a first-year medical student at the Indiana University School of Medicine, you’d do better to pull out your parent’s old Hasbro games and play “Operation,” because first-year medical students at IU are learning that gender is just a “social construct” and “not everyone fits” neatly onto the “established binarized sex as male/female.”

It’s all part of the medical school’s insufferably woke diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) take on basic Human Structure, and Fox News Digital (FND) has obtained the documents to prove it.

According to the school’s website, the university is “preparing healers,” but the documents show it’s really cultivating activists ready to serve a world that refuses to accept things like X and Y chromosomes or penises and vaginas as trusted indications of whether doctors are dealing with a man or a woman.

Reports FND:

Students in the class receive a “sex and gender primer” lesson that includes instruction on gender being a “social construct,” that sex and gender are not the same thing, and on how to be a “more inclusive” healthcare professional when it comes to “gender diverse patients.”

One PowerPoint presentation for the class lays out the learning objectives for students, including that they will “compare and contrast the terms sex and gender,” that sex and gender are not binary constructs, how to use “inclusive terminology” relating to the anatomy of patients, and how to understand that using “inclusive terminology” will “positively affect healthcare of all individuals.”

“Man” and “woman” are “common gender types,” according to the presentation, but those are “oversimplifications and BOTH exist on a continuum.”

One’s gender identity may not conform to their sex, the school explains, claiming “a biological basis” exists to suggest it’s totally normal for one’s gender identity to develop in conflict with their anatomical sex.

Good doctors, the presentation teaches, know the difference between “cisgender” and “transgender” people.

To help the folks who could one day have your life in their inclusive hands, the school suggests a timeline for caring for people “from four years old to adulthood” with “a difference of sex development.”

And, naturally, future doctors are instructed to always be sure to use the right pronouns.

“Language is foundational to transgender and non-binary inclusiveness,” Indiana University stresses, adding that “inclusive language affirms and validates trans and non-binary identities.”

As BizPac Review previously reported, this woke indoctrination of medical students has become a disturbing trend in schools across the nation.

Last month, a non-profit group, Color Us United (CUU), targeted the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) medical school in a bid to stop them from injecting social justice issues into its curriculum.

UNC formed a task force in 2020 to do just that.

In its final report, the task force found that “a growing number of medical students reported that the hidden curriculum (i.e. the unwritten, unofficial, and often unintended lessons, values, and perspectives that students learn in school) left them feeling mistreated, discriminated against, and undervalued based on various aspects of their identities.”

As a result, UNC requires med students to study issues such as “Unconscious Bias Awareness,” “Understanding and Responding to Microaggressions,” “Understanding how to view and treat patients based on their race,” and “Understanding that America’s medical system is structurally racist,” according to CUU, a group that advocates for a “race-blind America.”

“I think the premise of the program, that we need to integrate social justice into medical education, is flawed,” said CUU spokesperson Christian Watson at the time. “Doctors are not meant to be social activists. Doctors are meant to care for their patients.”


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