Inside the demented ‘rationale’ of a squatter: ‘I have put a lot of work in here’

A reporter’s eye-opening interview with a squatter in Detroit drove home the insanity of laws that protect them and gave a frightening insight into their rationale.

The video making the rounds on social media was from a decade ago, but that fact adds even more to the discussion as it shows how long homeowners have had to be victims.

“If I left my house, say for a month…and a half, you think you would be entitled to move in?” the reporter with Fox2 Detroit asked the squatter identified as  Lynn Arthur Williams in the original report from 2014.

Williams claimed there were “a lot of other people on the block, if you want to be technical” who were also squatting.

“A lot of people encouraged me to do what I’m doing now,” the squatter claimed.

When journalist Charlie LeDuff said the homeowner wanted her property back, the squatter actually responded, “Yeah, but I have put a lot of work in here and I spent a lot of money.”

“I am on a fixed income,” the invader said in the clip which then showed an admission of stealing a neighbor’s electricity.

In the original report, Williams was hauled out and off to jail in the end.

The resurgence of the outrageous video clip sparked a new wave of outrage on X:

Frieda Powers


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