‘Inspired by Canada’: Protests in New Zealand get intense with freedom ‘on the move across the globe’

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The truck drivers behind the Freedom Convoy are inspiring a world weary of two years of pandemic restrictions with their stand for freedom over vaccine mandates.

While Trudeau moves to crack down on the popular protest that now includes three border bridges crossing into the United States being blocked in Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba, in addition to the protest in Ottawa, pushing for “draconian rules” to be imposed on the truck drivers, the rest of the world — sans the liberal media — is drawing inspiration from the Canuck drivers.

In the United States, the Department of Homeland Security informed local and state law enforcement agencies that it has received reports that truckers are planning to “potentially block roads in major metropolitan cities,” the Associated Press reported. The DHS warned of a convoy potentially beginning in Southern California that could disrupt traffic around the Super Bowl being played this weekend in Inglewood. The AP said the DHS bulletin noted that the convoy could be heading to Washington, with the goal of arriving in time for President Biden’s State of the Union address in March.

There are reports of truckers in The Netherlands talking about a “World Freedom Convoy” to converge on Brussels on Feb. 14, as governments around the world are beginning to feel the wrath of those who have had enough of authoritarian restrictions and mandates.

There is also a massive convoy in France heading toward Paris, as police set up riot barricades in Champs Elysées and deploy armored police vehicles to block the French Freedom Convoy:


In New Zealand, there have been major protests that are growing increasingly intense as police try to crack down.

Rebel News journalist Dakota Christensen, who was born in New Zealand, called attention to the efforts while declaring, “Freedom is on the move across the globe.”

“I’m a dual citizen — New Zealand-born, Canada-raised. Over the past few years, I could not have been more ashamed of both nations’ governments. Over the past few days, I could not be more proud of both nations’ people. Your liberty is worth standing for,” Christensen tweeted.

He linked to the video below that was shared by Rebel News correspondent Avi Yemini:

Christensen clarified that his family roots “are all American/Canadian for generations. I come from a long line of North American settlers, patriots and pioneers — my parents were simply living in NZ at the time I was born, and I’ve been blessed to gain a connection with the land and people.”

“It has been incredibly heartening to see the people of both countries — those souls suffering under the likes of Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Adern — finally begin to stand. To see the snakes’ twisted lies lose their power, and witness so many pushing back without fear,” Christensen tweeted, adding, “Freedom is on the move across the globe.”

Here’s other video footage of the New Zealand protesters clashing with police:

A New Zealand Police tweet said they “continue to take a measured approach to the protesters, who are trespassing on the grounds of Parliament and have been repeatedly asked to leave. This is an extremely difficult working environment for our frontline staff.”

In a follow-up tweet, the department said police “have been exercising their powers fairly and professionally, and have used force proportionate and relevant to the circumstances.”

Police further stated that their “intention is to resolve the disruption to local businesses and allow free and safe movement around the city” of Wellington.

As for inspiring the world, the Canadian protestors seem to get a sense of what their efforts are being received around the world — aside from the largely negative media coverage.

Tom Tillison


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