‘It’s intentional’: KJP’s defiant answer to Biden taking a cognitive test says everything

The White House has defiantly declared that President Biden, at the ripe old age of 81, will not take a cognitive test ahead of the November election.

Questions about Biden’s cognitive abilities have dogged his presidency, but they reached a fever pitch last week after the release of special counsel Robert Hur’s report on his probe of Biden’s handling of classified documents. In deciding not to pursue charges, Hur described the president as an “elderly man with a poor memory,” further characterizing his memory as “hazy,” “fuzzy,” “faulty,” “poor,” and having “significant limitations.”

Ironically, at the same press conference in which Biden defended his suspect memory, he confused the president of Egypt with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The octogenarian commander-in-chief angrily declared, “My memory is fine!”

At Monday’s press briefing, chief White House propagandist Karine Jean-Pierre quoted Biden’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, from a year ago when asked about a cognitive test.

“The president proves every day [in] how he operates and how he thinks — by dealing with world leaders, by making difficult decisions on behalf of the American people — whether it’s domestic or national security.”

The tweet above suggests that Biden would be the first president to refuse a cognitive test, but presidents are not required to take such a test.

Dr. O’Connor did not put Biden through any cognitive tests last year, according to the New York Post, which noted “in a clear break from White House precedent,” the physician has never taken questions from the press.

On the Sunday talk show circuit, any number of Biden officials told the American public that Biden is sharp as a tack and not to believe their lying eyes. Lost in the mix, of course, is that Biden is not facing charges for essentially doing the same thing Trump is being charged for.

Meanwhile, a new NBC News poll shows that 3 out of 4 American voters, including half of Democrats, have concerns about Biden’s mental and physical health.

“In the new poll, a combined 76% of voters say they have major concerns (62%) or moderate concerns (14%) about Biden’s not having the necessary mental and physical health to be president for a second term, compared with 24% who have either minor concerns (13%) or no concerns at all (11%),” the network reported.

Biden got angry when he was asked about a cognitive test while running for office in 2020 — his response infamously included asking black CBS News correspondent Errol Barnett if he’s a “junkie.”

“No, I haven’t taken a test. Why the hell would I take a test? Come on, man,” Biden said. “That’s like saying you, before you got in this program, you’re taking a test whether you’re taking cocaine or not. What do you think, huh? Are you a junkie?”

Social media users suggest that Biden knows he would fail a cognitive test and that explains why he won’t take one.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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