Denver hospitals on verge of collapse under flood of illegals and millions in unpaid care: report

As thousands of illegal immigrants swarm Denver, the city’s hospitals are on the verge of collapse because they can’t handle them or the millions in unpaid care.

The hospitals are reportedly teetering on insolvency. Many of the larger hospitals treat people who come in regardless of their immigration status or if they have insurance or not. According to the Denver Gazette, operating income for the hospitals dropped by 50% in 2022 and it is getting much, much worse.

The Daily Mail is reporting that one healthcare system in Denver has provided $17 million in free care in just the last three months.

Denver’s Mayor Mike Johnston is a Democrat. He has been blaming Republicans and Trump for the crisis his blue city now faces, according to Fox News. He’s now warning residents that he is cutting DMV and Parks & Rec funding “in the face of the migrant crisis.”

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The Denver Post reported that UCHealth was given $17 million from other hospitals to cover costs. That included $10 million from the University of Colorado Hospital to assist with caring for 5,800 illegal immigrants between November and January.

“Medics believe these patients are mostly – if not entirely – migrants because the data covers people who don’t have a Social Security number or health insurance and were seeking healthcare in the US for the first time,” the Daily Mail noted.

“And this figure is only the tip of the iceberg. It excludes migrants who had sought care from the system before or those who qualified for emergency Medicaid, which covers undocumented patients in labor or with some life-threatening conditions,” the media outlet added.

Dr. Richard Zane, who is UCHealth’s chief innovation officer, told the Denver Post in an interview that they want to help illegal immigrants but “it’s not sustainable” to keep providing free care to them.

“It’s a societal responsibility; it’s not just a hospital responsibility,” he contended.

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It’s not just illegal immigrants causing the problem. The homeless population is also swelling due to migrants and the exploding amount of drug use on the streets. All endemic of Leftist-run cities.

In response to the onslaught, UCHealth has brought in additional social workers and emergency medics. However, they don’t handle getting individuals housing and insurance.

According to the Daily Mail, Denver Health, which is the primary hospital in the city, has doled out $136 million in medical treatment to patients who can’t pay it back, plunging the hospital deep, deep into the red.

In 2022 alone, Denver Health lost $2 million. However, that was mitigated by a $20 million cash injection from the state to prop it up.

The Denver hospital system as a whole lost $35 million in 2022. Executives are warning of “dire consequences” if 2024 is as bad as they all expect it to be.

Approximately 40,000 illegal immigrants have descended on Denver and more are arriving every week. The Daily Mail clarified that number, pointing out that 18,000 decided to stay there. Most of them are Venezuelans.

It gets very cold in Denver in the winter and the city is in the midst of ejecting approximately 800 migrant families from shelters as it scales back on aid for illegal immigrants, according to Fox News. Many will head for warmer climates in other states but those that stay will only make the hospital situation worse in Denver.


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