Jake Sullivan bemoans ‘innocent people were killed’ in daring Israeli rescue operation

Coordinated gaslighting had National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan lamenting over how “innocent people were killed” during the latest Middle East rescue mission.

(Video: CNN)

President Joe Biden’s failures have stretched beyond the economy, national security and global stability as Americans remained among the hostages still held by Hamas eight months after their savage attack on Israel on Oct. 7.

All but turning the United States’ back on those citizens, their Israeli counterparts and the Jewish state itself, Sullivan pivoted off of widely conflicting numbers of casualties in Gaza to peddle Biden’s bid to negotiate with terrorists in opposition to the aims of Israel.

During a Sunday show circuit, the NSA joined CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” who brought up the number of deaths reported by the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry that suggested at least 236 people were killed in the effort to rescue four of the hostages taken in October.

“We, the United States, are not in a position today to make a definitive statement about that. The Israel Defense Forces have put out one number. The Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry has put out another number,” said Sullivan. “But we do know this, Dana. Innocent people were tragically killed in this operation. The exact number we don’t know, but innocent people were killed. And that is heartbreaking. That is tragic.”

The Associated Press had pushed figures from the ministry that said 274 people had been killed and almost 700 were wounded while maintaining that nearly 37,000 had been killed since Israel’s counteroffensive began. By contrast, the Israel Defense Forces argued the toll from the rescue mission was “under 100.”

Sullivan used the loss of life to further justify Biden’s proposed three-phase plan that began with a ceasefire, a swap of hostages for prisoners and ended with American taxpayers funding the redevelopment of Gaza and a utopian two-state solution.

The president, he argued, “thinks the best way to get all of the hostages home is in a deal where they’re brought out diplomatically, where there’s no need for military operations to get every last hostage out.”

“In the absence of that, without Hamas saying yes to the deal, unfortunately, we are going to continue to see ongoing conflict and military operations in which Israel makes efforts to recover its citizens and, frankly, to recover American citizens. What we would much prefer to see is a ceasefire where the hostages come out peacefully,” added the adviser.

Of course, in addition to spinning Israel’s alleged agreement to Biden’s proposal, which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had called “incomplete,” according the Times of Israel, conflicting with their own objectives to destroy any and all capabilities of Hamas, Sullivan had disregarded glaring realities about the hostage situation in Gaza.

That included reports that Noa Argamani, the 25-year-old festival-attendee rescued Saturday, whose capture became one of the faces synonymous with Oct. 7, was being held by a journalist on the payroll of Al Jazeera.

“Al Jazeera journalist by day, kidnapper by night,” posted the Israeli government to their social media account. “According to sources in Gaza, Abdullah Al Jamal who also previously served as the spokesperson of the Hamas Ministry of Labor held Noa Argamani hostage in his home.”

Criminal defense attorney Marina Medvin also pointed out that Al Jamal “wrote for The Palestine Chronicle and his doctor father.”

Opposing the globalist message of capitulation to the terrorists as the perimeter of Biden’s White House was besieged by Hamas sympathizers, CNN ran a chyron calling the rescue mission a release and the president’s team pitched pipe dreams of peace while Americans wallowed, Israel Katz, the Jewish state’s minister of foreign affairs, spoke to where his nation stood in the effort to thwart terrorism and free the hostages.

“The world admired the courage, determination, and capabilities of Israel’s operation to free the hostages. Many sent messages of support, but only Israel’s enemies complained about the casualties of Hamas terrorists and their accomplices, accusing Israel of war crimes,” he posted on X. “We wholeheartedly reject these accusations. We will continue to act with determination and strength, in accordance with our right to self-defense, until all of the hostages are freed and Hamas is defeated.”

Kevin Haggerty


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