Jake Tapper poses with unmasked CNN staffers at a sweater party after laying into Ted Cruz for Bob Dole funeral

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On Sunday, CNN host Jake Tapper complained about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who’s vaccinated, attending the late Bob Dole’s funeral last Friday while unmasked.

Yet only three days later, on Tuesday, the same left-wing network host posted photos showing him flagrantly posing next to a bunch of CNN staffers unmasked.

Moreover, he tried to excuse his lack of mask-wearing by writing that “[e]veryone is vaccinated and we took masks off for the photos.”

Apparently, the coronavirus magically stops spreading when photos are being taken.

View Tapper’s photos below (he’s in the last one):

Tapper’s “hypocrisy” was not well-received by his critics, including the senator.

Here’s what the senator posted in response:

There was virtually no difference between him and Tapper, except that whereas he went maskless throughout Dole’s entire funeral, the CNN host allegedly only went maskless while being photographed standing right next to a bunch of other unmasked people.

Scientists have yet to discover the reason why leftists seemingly believe that the coronavirus behaves differently when people are eating, drinking, taking photographs, being Joe Biden or “peacefully protesting.”

But even assuming this were true, there’s still a fundamental problem. If you look closely at the photo above containing Tapper, you’ll notice that masks can’t be seen anywhere — not in their hands, not on their necks, nowhere.

Critics would like to know what’s up with that. They’d also like to know why even the woman behind them, who clearly wasn’t being photographed, was also unmasked.


Of course, critics already know what’s up. Based on the countless examples of Democrats decrying the maskless in one breath and being caught maskless themselves in another, critics believe these mask wars are nothing but theater.

This “COVID theater” was even evident at Dole’s funeral, where many of those who were wearing masks weren’t even wearing them correctly.

Take Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who was seen sitting next to and speaking with Cruz. While a mask did cover her face, it only covered a part of it — not including her nose. Meanwhile, the masks ostensibly on the faces of the two politicos sitting behind the pair weren’t covering either their mouths or their noses.

It’s been known since the beginning of the pandemic that wearing a mask like this does nothing to stave off the coronavirus or any other virus.

Yet when Klobuchar appeared on CNN two days later to speak with Tapper, the CNN host made no mention of this. Instead, he tried to pressure the Democrat senator into bashing Cruz for him not being masked.

“You were at the funeral for former Senator Bob Dole. And you were seated … next to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who, as everybody can see, is not masked, despite rules at the National Cathedral requiring all guests to wear masks indoors,” he said.

“Now, you’re a breast cancer survivor. … What was going through your mind there, where Ted Cruz pulls up next year and doesn’t have a mask on, even though the rules are, please wear a mask to protect you — you wear the masks to protect other people.”

He asked this while sitting next to Klobuchar unmasked, FYI:

This continual “hypocrisy” from the likes of Tapper and other liberal Democrats may not bother their sycophants, but it does bother those with principles.

Case in point:

Vivek Saxena


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