Jan. 6 committee denies leak that final report will ignore law enforcement failures, will be ‘all Trump’

The January 6 Committee, led by Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), is flatly denying a leak concerning the inquisition’s final report indicating that the panel would ignore law enforcement failures and will instead be all about former President Trump.

The committee called the leak “false” but did not elaborate on it according to NBC News.

The final hearing on the January 6 riot was held several weeks ago. They voted to subpoena Trump who is suing to block it. In reality, the whole dog-and-pony show has always ostensibly been about the former president and stopping him from running in 2024 for the presidency. Trump is scheduled to be deposed on Monday.

Staffers reportedly told NBC News that they were told to stop working on some aspects of the probe that don’t deal with Trump.

“Last week, committee staffers were informed via a phone call that material prepared by several of the teams whose work did not directly link to Trump would largely not be included in the final report, according to the three sources. One source said a ‘pens down’ order came after the call,” NBC News reported.

“As it was described on the call, the sources said the committee’s final report would reprise the case against Trump that was made during the committee’s televised hearings and not fully lay out the work of the separate teams of investigators examining other aspects of what happened. One of those teams focused on why the FBI failed to act on a torrent of information on social media threatening violence in the weeks leading up to the Capitol riot, as well as investigations into the radicalization pipeline and extremist groups like the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys,” the report continued.

“The House resolution that created the committee said its mission included examining ‘facts and causes relating to the preparedness and response’ of Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies. NBC News has previously reported that one of the investigatory teams conducted more than 100 interviews and depositions with officials from the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon, the D.C. and Capitol police, and other law enforcement agencies,” it added.

Numerous sources told the media outlet that the final report looked like it was going to focus pretty much solely on the former president.

“The final report — much like the committee’s hearings — seems to be shaping up to be ‘all-Trump,’ one source said,” NBC News relayed.

“Some committee staffers, who spent more than a year on the investigation, were upset with the direction of the final report, the three sources and another fourth source familiar with the committee’s work told NBC News. One of the three sources said staff members were ‘heartbroken’ by the news that their work may not see the light of day, while the fourth source said there was considerable disappointment,” the report stated.

“There’s certainly frustration that over a year of work could be wasted based on what’s perceived as a political decision,” a fourth source told NBC News.

The denial by the committee followed.

“In a brief statement, a spokesman for the committee called this report ‘false’ and later said it was ‘inaccurate and based on false information.’ The FBI declined to comment for this article,” NBC News added.


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