Jared Kushner calls Chrissy Teigen a ‘nasty troll’; believes his generation will be preserved to live forever

Let’s face it: When you look at former senior White House advisor Jared Kushner, the words “immortal god” don’t immediately come to mind. But according to Donald Trump’s son-in-law, he’s been keeping in shape after leaving the White House because his generation will likely be the first “to live forever.”

Kushner, 41, has been making the media rounds in recent days to flog his new book, “Breaking History: A White House Memoir,” and on Thursday, he joined former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell on his “LiveSigning” podcast and, much to the surprise of Twitter, went full transhumanist.

After that, Kushner went on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and called Chrissy Teigen a “nasty troll,” in what is turning out to be one of the most bizarre book tours in recent memory.

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According to Kushner, while he spends much of his free time since leaving the White House with his wife, Ivanka, and their three children, exercise has been a priority.

“From the last year, the one thing I’ve tried to put a priority on since I left the White House was, you know, getting some exercise in,” he shared. “I think that there is a good probability that my generation is, hopefully with the advances in science, either the first generation to live forever, or the last generation that’s going to die.”

“So, we need to keep ourselves in pretty good shape,” he added.

Cue the sound of a needle being dragged across a vinyl record and let the mocking commence!

“Can we cryogenically freeze him now!” asked one hopeful user on Twitter.

“Robots don’t age and have interchangeable parts,” offered another.

“Being a vampire may have something to do with it,” quipped a third.

Kushner’s camp quickly moved to walk the creepy comment back.

“It’s like a tongue-in-cheek joke to make the larger point that he wants to work out and be in good shape because people are living longer lives,” a source close to Kushner told the Daily Beast.

But readers aren’t buying the awkward explanation.

“Hilarious… said no one,” replied one user.

“That is his joking face,” remarked another.

“Bullsh*t,” a third stated.


Still others were trying to imagine a world in which Jared Kushner lives forever.

“I must say that if Kushner is going to live forever, death seems a lot more attractive option to me,” stated one user. “Sure beats sharing a planet with that weasel ad infinitum.”

New Yorker staff writer Patrick Radden Keefe agrees.

“Cool sci-fi dystopia: you get to live forever but in a world in which Jared Kushner also lives forever and never goes away,” he tweeted.

What a sobering thought.



Model Chrissy Teigen would likely prefer to avoid that future.

The war between Teigen and Ivanka Trump has been something of a public spectacle.

In July 2020, Teigen took to Twitter and wrote of Ivanka that she’s “had it with anyone who EVER defends this woman or puts her as the ‘sane one in this family.”

The former first daughter had posted a picture of herself promoting a Goya drink.

“What a repulsive trolling of the people,” Teigen wrote. “Also (in the SEA of illegal shit this family does) is this even ethically ok or legal??”

Teigen also took issue with Ivanka spending time playing with her children during the COVID pandemic.

“After we quote pack unquote sandwiches can we please have Covid tests,” Teigen tweeted.

She’s a “nasty troll,” Kushner said of Teigen on Hewitt’s show, who has said the “most awful, horrible things” about his wife.

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