Jesse Watters reveals his mom is ‘celebrating’ Trump verdict: ‘She kept all day sending me 34, 34, 34 felony counts’

The leftist mother of Fox News host Jesse Watters is at it again with her infamous mocking texts making fun of her son’s right-wing politics.

The latest texts concern former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict in his now-concluded hush money trial.

“My mom is celebrating,” Watters revealed on Fox News’ “The Five ” on Friday. “She texted me that she was dancing after the verdict. Dancing. ”

“And then she kept all day sending me 34, 34, 34 felony counts. She’s a grandmother. She’s a grandmother! Get it together, Mom! Oh my God!” he added.


Because conservatives tend to be sane, rational people, Watters and the rest of the show’s hosts laughed off his mom’s texts.

However, Watters did push back on his mom and other Trump haters for celebrating a conviction for a veritable non-crime “crime.”

“Who’s the victim here?” he asked rhetorically. “Why are they celebrating anything? There is no victim. Why are they happy? Who are they happy for? If anything, Donald Trump’s the victim of this case.”

As for leftists, they responded to Watters’ admission about his mom’s texts by joining her in mocking and insulting her son.


Nice people, huh?

Watters’ mom has a rich history of being a leftist texter.

She also cheered when Trump’s former campaign adviser Roger Stone was indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller in 2019. As far as she was concerned, Stone was the criminal mastermind of some elaborate plot.

“Do not minimize Stone’s actions,” she wrote in a text message to her son following Stone’s indictment and arrest.

“He used your forum – and please remember that you do not have a law degree,” the text by Watters’ mom continued, presumably in reference to Fox News, where Stone had previously spoken.

“Stop sparring and yelling at Juan — you are making Dana cringe,” another text read.

Watters and his other conservative co-hosts frequently sparred with liberal then-co-host Juan Williams over his condescending and sometimes insane declarations.

When then-President Trump handed out his “Fake News Awards” earlier in 2019, for instance, Williams said that the “lifetime achievement award” for “fake news” ought to go to him, Trump, not the media.

“This guy makes up more stuff, and he should be crowned the fountainhead of fake news: Obamacare is dead, President Obama is wiretapping Trump Tower. How about this one: the biggest inaugural crowd ever,” he proudly boasted, thinking himself in the right.

Yet a month before Williams made these remarks, a judge had ruled that Obamacare was unconstitutional.

Also, evidence showed that the Obama administration did, in fact, run a spying operation on the president’s election campaign and, according to The Washington Times, the president’s inauguration was “a record-breaker for live online video streaming to phones, computers and digital devices.”

Dovetailing back to the texts by Watters’ mom, here’s what she wrote next: “Do your research about border security — you don’t sound like you have any facts! And, you look tired — after a vacation?”

And here was her final text: “Good recovery on the gay march comment.”

This had been about something Watters had said earlier on the show.

Returning to the present, all this comes a day after Trump was convicted of falsifying business records — a misdemeanor crime that was shadily upgraded to a felony by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Trump responded to the conviction by crying foul and claiming that the affair he’d allegedly tried to cover up never even happened.

“By the way, and nothing ever happened,” he said. “There was no anything. Nothing ever happened. And they know it. But they were salacious, salacious as they could be. And it had nothing to do with the case.”

Vivek Saxena


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