Joy Behar describes smug celebration of guilty verdict: ‘I got so excited I started leaking a little bit’

While smug celebratory remarks were expected from the co-hosts of “The View” following the Trump guilty verdict, one reaction seemed to confirm the lack of class at the ABC daytime talk show.

“This is a very unique moment in history. That’s why we’re all at the table,” Whoopi Goldberg told the full panel gathered to gloat over the conviction of former President Donald Trump on 34 felony counts in the hush money case in New York City.

Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, and Alyssa Farah Griffin joined Goldberg in breathlessly recounting their exact location upon hearing the news that a former U.S. president was now a convicted felon.

Behar chose the path of ‘too much information’ as she shared that she was so excited by the news that she started “leaking.”

“My reaction was I was at Costco buying 10 boxes of Keurig coffee and my watch started to buzz, and I got so excited I started leaking a little bit,” Behar said as her co-hosts and the audience broke into laughter.

“So you’re the leaker?” Goldberg quipped.

“I’m the leaker,” Behar replied.

The 81-year-old didn’t miss a chance to jab at Trump by mocking his claims that the trial was “rigged.”

“They’re going to say it’s rigged. This is rigged. That’s rigged. Brian’s rigged. We’re rigged. Everything’s rigged according to him,” she said.

The other co-hosts shared their reactions as well, with Haines admitting the news was “somber” and “sober.”  Hostin, meanwhile, said she was at her daughter’s graduation and it was more of a celebration.

“I felt like the Knicks won the tournament! I felt like America won! I felt like New York won! I felt the Manhattan DA’s office won! I felt like I won!” she said.

Hostin’s daughter, Paloma Hostin, got attention of her own after posting a social media message about her graduation that included an anti-Israel slogan and a jab at her peers.

“Now that I got my diploma: FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA, PALESTINE WILL BE FREE,” Hostin captioned the photo of herself with lips puckered, using the offensive rallying cry of anti-Israel protesters.

Frieda Powers


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