Jesse Watters warns of ‘dark and dangerous chapter’ in US, says ‘deep state’ preparing for war

Fox News host Jesse Watters pulled back the curtain on the “deep state” and warned that a “dark and dangerous chapter” is now evident in America.

In his opening monologue on Tuesday’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” the host took a closer look at the “propaganda techniques” and how “another coup” is imminent as The New York Times recently published an opinion video declaring that the so-called deep state is “kind of awesome.”

“As we met the Americans who are being dismissed as public enemies, we discovered that they are … us. They like Taylor Swift. They dance bachata. They go to bed at night watching ‘Star Trek’ reruns. They go to work and do their jobs: saving us from Armageddon,” the Times article and video essay claimed.

“When we hear ‘deep state,’ instead of recoiling, we should rally. We should think about the workers otherwise known as our public servants, the everyday superheroes who wake up ready to dedicate their careers and their lives to serving us,” the piece continued just before claiming that a re-elected Donald Trump “would have the power to eviscerate the so-called deep state and replace our public servants with people who work for him, not us.”

After running through the history of government and press relationship, Watters declared “the coverup continues” as he played multiple clips of left-wing media insisting there is no such thing as the “deep state.”

“The New York Times is telling you the deep state isn’t an intelligence cabal interfering in elections,” he told viewers.

“It’s merely civil servants who enjoy dancing, Lucky Charms and Star Trek, just like you. The deep state kills asteroids and does pilates. They don’t illegally sabotage politicians they can’t control. They’re too busy making salads and keeping your water clean. As a matter of fact, thank you, deep state,” Watters snarked.

“Funny how the New York Times didn’t take a road trip to Langley, or the Bureau [FBI] or the Pentagon or the Justice Department. Russia collusion, the laptop, the letter, the lab leak were probably cooked up at NASA. But this man’s not a NASA official. He’s a former CIA officer declaring America’s greatest threat is Donald Trump,” Watters continued.

“So what do we know about this guy?” the Fox News host asked after playing another clip.

“This CIA official was the chief recruiter to get 50 other spooks to sign on to that letter, claiming [Hunter] Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. He’s the guy. And now he’s back for the ‘bloodbath’ hoax and publicly announcing Trump, not Russia, not China, not terrorism, is America’s top threat,” Watters explained.

“The deep state’s telegraphing what they’re going to do,” he pointed out.

“Run a PR campaign saying we should rally around the deep state because they’re good old American public servants who eat cereal and exercise just like you. And on the same day, send a guy behind the CIA letter to put a big fat target on Trump’s back? Because when you’re the CIA and you say something’s a threat, what do you think the CIA is trained to do about threats? Just getting started. Not only is Trump a security threat, he’s an unstable psychopath they say,” Watters expounded.

“OK, so Biden’s cognitive abilities are fine, but Trump’s a sociopath? The deep state uses these propaganda techniques on our most dangerous enemies, like ISIS, like North Korean dictators, like the Russians. These are the same forces that are targeting the Republican nominee for president, a former president, because of his populist agenda and his inability to be manipulated,” Watters said.

“And so, if someone’s a domestic threat and they’re an unpredictable sociopath, how do you bring in a counterintelligence operation to neutralize them? You link them to foreign powers like the Russia hoax, and you use money to do it. Now Trump has got to put up a half-a-billion dollar cash bond just to appeal his excessive fine in New York, so Letitia James doesn’t seize his properties,” he pointed out.

“We’re witnessing the beginning of another coup. A dark and dangerous chapter in America is here,” Watters warned. “They’re combining the dictator on day one hoax with the bloodbath hoax to justify stopping Trump by any means necessary. The deep state’s preparing for war.”

The New York Times was eviscerated on social media for its propaganda piece.

Frieda Powers


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