JetBlue facing outrage over hiring violent felon to fly planes while rejecting the unvaxxed

JetBlue is facing outrage for refusing to hire the unvaccinated but being perfectly willing to hire violent felons.

Violent felons like then-Air Force pilot John C. Perrys, who in 2005 broke into the home of a Panama City judge and attacked the judge’s stepdaughter, who just happened to be his former fiancé.

“Investigators said Perrys forced his way into Gulf County Judge Fred Witten’s home April 12 and attacked Carolyn Lister, Perrys’ former fiancee. Lister testified at a May hearing that she was beaten with a metal baton as she stepped from the shower,” the Associated Press reported at the time.

“She said Perrys also had a Taser but did not use it. Lister said she got past him and ran from the house, bleeding and naked, to a neighbor’s home,” the AP added.

When the authorities arrested Perrys, they found him wearing a bulletproof vest. Meanwhile, a search of his vehicle reportedly turned up “several knives, handcuffs, a spool of parachute cord, a shovel, gloves, glass cutters, keys to Lister’s home, pepper spray and a mask.”

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Perrys wound up being sentenced to 10 years in prison, in addition to 30 years of probation. After exiting prison in 2014, he scooped up a human resources job in the Department of Veterans Affairs, according to The Daily Caller.

Now fast-forward to this summer, when Perrys picked up a job at JetBlue.

“A screenshot of an internal JetBlue web page … listed Perrys as a ‘Pilot Trainee’ and a ‘Crewmember since July 20, 2022.’ Another picture showed him beneath a banner that said ‘Congratulations Class 34-22,’ referring to his training,” The Daily Wire, a conservative outlet, reported on Saturday.

His hiring reportedly ticked off his colleagues.

“Apparently JetBlue won’t hire unvaccinated pilots, but they will hire violent convicted felons to fly their airplanes,” one anonymous colleague complained to The Daily Wire.

Indeed, JetBlue’s job applications explicitly state that vaccination is a requirement for employment.

“Every decision JetBlue has made throughout the pandemic has been with our safety value front and center. Whether it’s requiring masks, or many of the other health and safety protocols we’ve had to navigate during the pandemic, all of these efforts have been focused on making the workplace and air travel safer for you and our Customers,” they read.

“As part of our commitment to health and safety, COVID-19 vaccines are required for all JetBlue employees. New hire employees must be fully vaccinated prior to the start of training,” they continue.

(Source: JetBlue)

In fairness to JetBlue, it originally instituted its vaccine mandate because of the vaccine mandate established by the Biden administration.

But by the same token, “the government never actually enforced that rule,” as it was “delayed, then blocked by an injunction from a judge,” according to The Daily Wire.

That said, last month the injunction was lifted, but the administration decided not to  enforce the mandate anyway since the COVID pandemic is pretty much over.

“A nationwide injunction on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for federal contractors has been officially lifted, but the federal government told agencies to hold off on enforcing the mandate,” Government Executive reported.

But for some reason, JetBlue has continued to stick to its own vaccine mandate, despite there being no need for one anymore.

Yet at the same time, the airline remains OK with hiring violent felons.

According to one of Perrys’ colleagues, the airline’s been trying to train him to fly the Airbus A320, but “several instructors have refused to train him” and “many captains have told management they’ll refuse to fly with him.”

According to another colleague, he’s “on the line as a flying pilot in control of a plane with up to two hundred paying and oblivious souls on board.”

Members of the public aren’t pleased by this, with many saying that it makes no sense to trust a violent felon but not trust the unvaccinated.

Look (*Language warning):

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