WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz torches her paper for opposing China’s ‘zero covid’ strategy, says US killing ‘millions’

The regrettably outspoken and oft-mocked Washington Post journalist, Taylor Lorenz, has turned her scorn for all things sane on her own paper, blasting WaPo for pointing out the “critical flaw” in China’s “zero covid” strategy which has seen Chinese citizens locked down under horrific conditions while cases of COVID-19 surge.

“A coronavirus outbreak on the verge of being China’s biggest of the pandemic has exposed a critical flaw in Beijing’s ‘zero covid’ strategy: a vast population without natural immunity,” the Washington Post reported on Saturday. “After months with only occasional hot spots in the country, most of its 1.4 billion people have never been exposed to the virus.”

The lockdown measures have sparked huge protests across China, with citizens refusing to comply and calling on Chinese President Xi Jinping to step down.


It was against this backdrop of human suffering and dystopian demands that Lorenz decided to slam her own paper for daring to suggest that natural immunity is a thing.

In fact, Lorenz thinks the United States should follow China’s lead.

“There is no lasting ‘natural immunity’ to COVID,” she tweeted. “You can get covid over and over and over again bc there are so many endlessly evolving strains and antibodies wane.”

“Also,” she added, “choosing not to kill off millions of vulnerable people (as the US is doing) isn’t a ‘critical flaw.'”

The condemnation came fast and hard.

“Lorenz just out here cheerleading China’s welding people in their apartments lockdown zero covid policy and it’s all good I guess,” tweeted podcaster Stephen L. Miller.


Journalist Kyle Becker challenged Lorenz’s grasp of the facts.

“Taylor Lorenz has no clue what she’s talking about,” he tweeted. “Natural immunity from PI has shown to be durable despite variants (Johns Hopkins, SA study), resulting in improved resistance to infection.”

“Big Pharma cutting her royalties to lie to people or is she just plain ignorant?” he asked.

Christina Pushaw, rapid response director for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, called Lorenz’s take “sickening.”

“Sickening. Washington Post ‘journalist’ and obsessive Covid maximalist Taylor Lorenz is now full-on defending the Chinese Communist Party’s massive human rights violations… just days after civilians burned to death in a locked-down apartment block in Urumqi,” she stated.


Ten Uyghurs in Urumqi died in a highrise fire. The lockdown measures were blamed and thousands took to the streets in protest.

It is this kind of tyrannical force and disregard for human lives that Lorenz is championing.

“Hundreds of millions of people living like slaves, testing every single day and having no personal freedom, i.e. Taylor Lorenz’s dream,” stated one Twitter user.

But, despite her inflammatory, misinformed tweet, one user predicts WaPo will do nothing to discourage their divisive diva.

“It is common knowledge at WaPo that Taylor Lorenz uses the paper to settle personal & political scores but they do nothing because the misinformation she spreads creates epic levels of controversy that deliver epic numbers of clicks,” the user noted. “WaPo IS #fakenews.”

Melissa Fine


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