Jewish rapper exposes ignorance of pro-Palestine protesters before they lecture people to ‘educate themselves’

A Jewish rapper has gone viral for exposing how ignorant the average pro-Palestinian protester is about what’s really happening.

Rapper Kosha Dillz accomplished this by attending the massive pro-Palestinian protest in D.C. this past weekend and peppering attendees with otherwise simple questions.

Watch what happened below as he asked two young female protesters from Ohio basic questions about the Israel-Hamas war:

“Do you guys think that Hamas is a terrorist organization?” Dillz asked.

One of the ladies (Lady A) said no.

“They are a political organization. Certain countries such as Canada, the U.K. and the United states recognize them as terrorist organizations, but I think one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter,” she argued.

The other lady (Lady B) said the U.S. military is the real terrorist organization.

“I think the biggest terrorist organization is the United States of America’s military. I think before we start pointing fingers at anybody else, we should really look at ourselves,” she claimed.

Dillz then asked the two whether New York, where he’s from, is “stolen land.”

“It’s all stolen land. It’s all genocide that either was completed or is in the works,” Lady B replied.

Sadly, the interview with the two ladies only got dumber from there as Dillz asked them “what would happen to all the Israelis” if the Palestinians got their wish that “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

“They would use their second citizenship to whatever country they immigrated from and they would go back,” Lady A replied.

“But not everyone in Israel has second citizenship,” Dillz countered.

“But everyone came from somebody that came from some heritage outside of the Middle East,” the lady argued.

“Like Yemen?” the rapper then asked, tricking the know-nothing Palestinian supporter into exposing her ignorance.

“Like Yemen. Yes, exactly,” she said.

There’s just one problem: The last-remaining Jews in Yemen were expelled two years ago.

“The last three Jewish families in Yemen were deported by the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels, leaving only four elderly Jews in the country. … The move marks the virtual end of a 2,600-year-old Jewish community in Yemen,” The Jerusalem Post reported at the time.

“The families, totaling 13 people, [said] that they were now searching for a new home. The families had resisted leaving, but finally agreed after the Houthis made their departure a condition for the release of Levi Salem Marhabi, a Jew who was captured by the rebels about six years ago,” according to the Post.

But of course, the pro-Palestinian protesters didn’t know this. But it gets worse, as Lady A then suggested the Jews could go back to Ethiopia instead. Evidently, she’s never heard of Operation Moses, Operation Joshua, and Operation Solomon:

Moving along, Dillz then asked the ladies whether they felt bad about the Oct. 7th terror attack that left 1,300+ innocent Israeli men, women, and children deceased.

“I can condemn any act of violence that harms people, and I just would like to acknowledge the fact that context is important,” Lady A replied, offering a two-sided answer to what should have been the easiest question of the day.

“They killed a bunch of people. Like 1,400 people in one day. It’s the largest killing of Jews since the Holocaust. So you still want them to go back?” Dillz then asked.

Instead of answering the question, Lady B replied by having the nerve to say that other people — Israel supporters, namely — need to educate themselves.

“People aren’t educating themselves. They’re just following a rhetoric that’s been in a family that’s completely immoral and inhumane, but nobody wants to educate themselves. And I think if people picked up their phones and typed things into Google, we would have a different society,” she said.

She wasn’t wrong about THIS, though she was wrong about everything else …


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