Joe Biden inspires anti-LEGAL migration sentiment in 2024 voters

President Joe Biden’s disastrous border policies have inadvertently inspired a spike in anti-immigration sentiment in the U.S.

This new finding comes from The New York Times, which is up in arms over the change in sentiment.

“[R]ecent polling shows that Mr. Trump’s position on immigration appears to be resonating. About half of Americans have said they would support mass deportations of undocumented immigrants,” a piece by the Times published Monday reads.

The irony is that everything changed AFTER former President Donald Trump left office.

By the time Trump left office, “more Americans favored increasing immigration for the first time in six decades of Gallup polling,” according to the Times.

But more recent Gallup polls show that there’s been a drastic reversal, with a “growing minority of Americans” now “increasingly concerned about its impact on drugs, crime, taxes and national identity.”

It gets “worse.”

“It is not just unauthorized immigration causing consternation,” the Times laments. “A different poll in March from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that Americans have become more worried about legal immigrants committing crimes.”

The aforementioned AP poll found that, among 668 respondents, only 41 percent felt a “major benefit” of legal migration is that “American companies get the expertise of skilled workers in fields like science and technology.” This marks a huge drop from the 59 percent of 1,000 respondents who felt similarly in 2017.

Likewise, the recent AP poll found that just 38 percent of Americans believe legal immigrants “enrich American culture and values,” down from the 50 percent recorded in 2017.

All this comes amid the release of a Gallup poll two months ago that found that immigration is a key issue for most voters.

All this also comes months after the release of a Times/Siena College poll that found that 49 percent of voters support making it more difficult for criminal aliens to seek asylum in the U.S.

These views are now affecting the upcoming presidential election as well. Indeed, another Times piece from the 17th of last month noted that many are now donating to former President Donald Trump’s campaign over President Joe Biden’s campaign precisely because of immigration.

“In many instances, it’s less that they’re enthusiastic about Mr. Trump — ‘I still hate the man,’ one hedge fund billionaire said — and more that they’re exasperated with the economic and immigration policies of President Biden,” the Times complained.

“A prominent example of the about-face is Kenneth Griffin, a hedge fund magnate and political megadonor who publicly derided Mr. Trump as a ‘three-time loser’ less than two years ago. In recent weeks, the Citadel founder has been in communication with the former president’s campaign about potentially making a major donation, which would amount to millions of dollars,” according to the Times.

Surprise, surprise.

“This is very much an immigration election … It’s about [voters] saying, ‘Whoa, let’s stop this,’” Jeremy Robbins, the executive director of the American Immigration Council, said during a May 14th Baker Institute event. “There’s a very, very common theme that drives why people are voting on immigration: It’s about fear, it’s about anxiety, it’s about frustration, and it’s about instability.”

“Sometimes it’s about ‘Well, hold on, like, why am I losing? Why when I go to the grocery store am I not hearing English? Like this is America! Why am I not able to understand people in my own country?’ Sometimes it’s about language, it’s about culture. [Sometimes] it is economic, and it is about ‘Well, I feel really unstable in my job, I can’t even make ends meet. And now people are coming in and we’re going to compete against me!'” he added.

(Video Credit: Baker Institute)

“Overwhelmingly, [under Biden], Americans believe that our borders are out of control and that our cities are overwhelmed,” Robbins continued. ” Some of that is inflamed by the media. Some of that … is a reality of the facts on the ground, which is that we do not have a functioning asylum system, we do not have a functioning border.”

All true, and all thanks to Biden’s disastrous policies.

Vivek Saxena


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