Joe is so toxic some Dems are looking to ‘Biden-proof’ their campaigns

President Joe Biden is so unpopular that some Democrats are distancing themselves from the White House in their own campaigns to avoid being sucked down with him.

Five months out from the most critical election in the nation’s history, Biden’s poll numbers are still dismal, a trend that indicates most Americans are fed up with crushing inflation, the illegal alien invasion, and the weaponizing of the judicial system for political purposes.

With time running out for Biden to reverse the trend, his fellow Democrats are shifting into self-preservation mode.

In what should be a sobering report for a party that is determined to ram its far-left agenda – especially on abortion – down the throats of voters, Axios spoke with several “incumbents, candidates and operatives” who described to the outlet the “dynamic in which many in tight congressional races are maintaining their independence from Biden without publicly rejecting him.”

One unnamed House Democrat running for re-election in a competitive district said there’s “more distancing now as his numbers continue to tank.”

The member who was granted anonymity, noted they are, “pretty much washing my hands of his campaign.”

Another anonymous House Dem told the outlet that there is “always an element where you run your own race,” but “now it’s even more pronounced given the president’s weakness.”

A third anonymous House Democrat told the outlet about a recent, “moment of alarm that [Biden] was going to come to my district.”

“The expectation is … just keep your head down as it relates to Biden,” still another House Democrat said. “No one is out there saying, ‘Please, please come to my district.’ ”

Axios also talked to some Democrats who weren’t afraid to go on record with their names, with some downplaying the idea that their party’s leader is now radioactive, and others dismissing concerns.

Former Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) Executive Director Tim Persico said that many Dems aren’t “putting Biden at the center of their campaigns” because “they all have their own records … they’re not really connected to Biden.”

On Tuesday, Biden issued an executive order on immigration after his defenders insisted that he wouldn’t do so and that it was the job of Congress to secure the porous border, a sign of desperation on an issue that has badly gotten away from him as even Democrats in blue cities overrun by illegals are revolting.

The order is just an election year fig leaf for the administration’s open border policies and Biden also has other serious issues, not the least of which is finding a way to bully Israel into a ceasefire in Gaza to appease restive Muslim voters in Michigan and Minnesota.

There’s also the matter that his opponent Donald J. Trump could soon be thrown into jail by Biden’s political allies in New York City, an unprecedented bit of election interference that may sour fence-sitters and moderates on a man who falsely promised to be a unifier during his last campaign, earning their support.

“Joe Biden created 15 million jobs, capped the price of insulin at $35, and made healthcare more affordable than ever,” a Biden campaign spokesperson told Axios. “That record of historic results for the American people is what the president and Democrats across the country will be running on in November.”

Chris Donaldson


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