Joe ‘Pags’ explains why he does NOT want a pardon for Trump

In the debate over a potential pardon for former President Donald Trump, one conservative commentator came out strongly against rival redemption: “Here’s Why…”

Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers may be champing at the bit for the GOP leader’s sentencing hearing, but cooler heads have toyed with the political calculus and health of the country through a pardon of the now-convicted felon.

Debates over whether New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) should offer a pardon, or if President Joe Biden even could, had syndicated radio host Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo standing firmly against such a move from the White House.

Taking to X Saturday, Pagliarulo reiterated the myriad concerns raised by the prosectors who appeared hellbent to “get Trump” as well as Judge Juan Merchan’s questionable behavior and connections that warranted a thorough review.

“I do NOT want Biden to pardon @realDonaldTrump .. Here’s Why:

  1. Trump did nothing wrong
  2. The statute of limitations was up for prosecution
  3. The misdemeanor allegations were resurrected and called felonies
  4. These alleged felonies were somehow tied to federal election laws. State prosecutors can’t prosecute federal charges
  5. The judge did NOT recuse although he’s a Biden donor.
  6. The judge was clearly part of the prosecution
  7. The judge literally told the jury it didn’t have to be unanimous to find Trump guilty and finally,
  8. Biden would only do it so he could get away with pardoning Hunter.”

Repeatedly covered in leading up to and throughout the trial, the host of “The Joe Pags Show” reminded how the case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) enhanced a misdemeanor to a felony and tried what would have been a federal offense beyond its statute of limitations at the state level, suggesting the falsification of business records was an election crime “with intent to commit another crime.”

Notably, the ambiguity of the offense had only been heightened by Merchan, whose daughter fundraises for Democrats and who himself had contributed $35 to a “pro-Biden, anti-Trump political operation,” as the judge determined unanimity of the jury was not necessary regarding the predicate of the crime to convict.

Already, prominent Republicans like House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (OH), Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Article III Project President Mike Davis had come out swinging against the verdict, vowing to use “every tool” against the “blatant corruption and political persecution spewing from New York and the Biden administration.”

Such efforts could begin as soon as June 13 as Jordan had invited Bragg and prosecutor Matthew Colangelo to appear before the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to testify about the actions of state and local prosecutors with a focus on Trump’s New York case.

As to a Biden pardon paving the way for him to clear the name of his scandal-ridden son, many on social media added to the dialogue by pointing out shameless Democrats didn’t need such an excuse to try and get away with something that would appear so blatantly corrupt.

Kevin Haggerty


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