Joe Rogan admits America was much better off under Trump: ‘The world scares the s**t out of me now’

On the Tuesday edition of popular podcaster Joe Rogan’s show, he nostalgically reflected on how great America was under former President Donald Trump.

The discussion with him and retired mixed martial artist Dan Henderson began with Rogan noting how everybody used to love Trump prior to him running for office.


“He was in all the rap songs. Rappers are always talking about Trump. Everybody loved Trump. It was like this wheeling and dealing billionaire character that everybody enjoyed,” Rogan said.

This inspired Henderson to note that Trump later “did a decent job as president.” The podcast host concurred.

“When you look at his regulations, it certainly helped the economy,” he said.

“I feel like we were in a lot better spot then than now,” Henderson replied.

Rogan agreed, saying “for sure, without a doubt,” but the mood quickly turned dark as he switched to discussing the present under President Joe Biden versus the past under Trump.

“The world scares the shit out of me right now. Right now I’m like, boy, this is not good,” he said.

This prompted Henderson to ask him whether he was loading up ammunition.

“Yeah,” Rogan replied. “Everything’s not good. Everything scares the shit out of me. I’m looking at all of it going, f–k. Like, there’s no good solutions to the Middle East. All of it looks terrible.”

“And the Ukraine thing looks terrible. It just scares shit out of me because it’s just like, all it takes is one person to f–king launch a nuke, and the world changes forever, right? And I’ve never felt like that was a possibility in my lifetime until now,” he added.

Rogan’s latest remarks about Trump come just a month after he said he’d vote for Trump over Biden in the 2024 race. He made the remarks while talking about Trump’s successful policy prescriptions.


“When you look at it from a policy perspective — if you just look at it on paper, what [Trump] did was effective. A lot of people think it was effective. You don’t like him as a personality, so you ignore that — don’t do that. Look at it in terms of a policy perspective. People liked the ideas that he was putting forward. And now you’re saying, ‘Oh, the wall is racist’ — f–king everybody thinks there needs to be a wall. Even the mayor of New York City is now calling to stop immigration into the city,” he said.

“When you just look at what Trump’s policies were, and then, obviously COVID hits, there’s a lot to that: the lockdowns, the economic collapse, all the shit that came with that. None of that is good. And then Trump holds up this hope to bring us back to where we were when he was in office. You’re not gonna beat that. I don’t think you can beat that,” he added.

He continued by describing both the Russian collusion delusion hoax and the censoring of Hunter Biden’s laptop as “scary.”

And finally, he addressed the key point about Trump/Biden.

“He’d get my vote before Biden. I’ve said that before. I don’t think that — I never thought that Biden was gonna make it. I never thought that he was gonna be functional. You know, regardless of what kind of power the president actually has, it appears under Trump, the president has a lot more power than we think they do,” he said.

“But under Biden, it’s like he’s handled. He’s just out there talking and he’s like, ‘The real problem is Donald Trump. Donald Trump, what he’s done is terrible…’ It’s all nonsense. It’s like everyone’s treating him with kid gloves because they don’t want to prop up Trump. They don’t want to go after him, because it will weaken the Democratic Party,” he added.

Regarding the 2024 race, one recent poll found Trump crushing Biden. Conducted by Bloomberg News and Morning Consult, the poll found him leading Biden in a number of key swing states where voters have rejected the current president’s #Bidenomics’ agenda.

“Trump, the frontrunner for the GOP nomination, leads Biden 47% to 43% among voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The results across those seven states had a margin of error of 1 percentage point,” Bloomberg reported earlier this month.

That’s impressive. So is the fact that a notable 51 percent majority of these swing-state voters believe Trump’s economy was superior to Biden’s economy. A similar percentage, 49 to 35, would trust the former president more so than the current president moving forward. Specifically among independent voters, Trump commands an even higher 22-point lead on this issue.

Vivek Saxena


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