John Bolton stuns show host when he reveals how far he’ll go to stop Trump

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton believes he has what it takes to run against his former boss in the 2024 presidential race.

Bolton went on “Meet the Press Now” Monday to decry former President Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding the Constitution, and to tepidly announce his desire to undermine him in the presidential race.


“You are essentially telling us you would get into the 2024 race for president,” host Kristen Welker said, seeking clarification from Bolton on his comments.

“I think to be a presidential candidate you can’t simply say I support the Constitution, you have to say I would oppose people who would undercut it,” he confirmed. “We used to have a thing in the House of Representatives called the House Un-American Affairs Committee. I think when you challenge the Constitution itself the way Trump himself has done, that is un-American.”

“Let’s stay here for a moment, walk me through your thinking,” Welker followed up, visibly stunned by the clearly unexpected declaration. “What does your timeline look like? What would cause you to cross into saying what you’re saying now and actually being a declared candidate for president?”

“Look, all the of the potential candidates know what Trump has said, this is no secret to anybody,” Bolton explained. “I don’t see why they aren’t saying it right now. I think the voters, the Republican voters, people who choose the Republican nominee, nearly 95% disagree that Donald Trump is more important than the constitution.”

“I’m afraid there are some who would stick with Trump on this,” he claimed. “What does a candidate have to lose by appealing to 95% of the base of the Republican Party? I actually think most Republican elected officials in Washington disagree with Trump on this, but they’re intimidated. This is the time where there’s strength in numbers; the more people who tell the truth, the easier it is for everybody else.”

Trying to pin him down, Welker asked him for a definitive moment that would prompt him to make his run official.

“So what do you have to see that would make you say ‘now is the moment that I am going to declare my candidacy’?’ she prodded.

“I would like to see Sherman-esque statements from all the potential candidates,” he said. “If I don’t see that, then I’m going to seriously consider getting in.”

Sierra Marlee


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