Jonathan Turley laments leftist ‘dehumanizing’ of Trump, they ‘no longer view this as a human being’

The conviction of former President Donald J. Trump set off a wave of grotesque celebrations from Democrats who, in the opinion of constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley, no longer see him as a human being.

On Thursday, the unjust trial of the presumptive GOP nominee in a partisan kangaroo court culminated in a unanimous guilty verdict by a hostile New York City jury, a sad perversion of the justice that leftists rejoiced over with no concern for the lasting damage to the once-esteemed American judicial system.

The George Washington University law professor lamented the festive mood in the streets of New York after the legal lynching, a disgusting spectacle from leftists who clearly have no regard for longstanding principles such as fair trials.

Turley commented on the orgy of anti-Trumpism outside of Trump Tower in Manhattan during an appearance on Friday’s edition of “Outnumbered” on Fox News where the co-hosts discussed the show trial and what comes next.

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“You got the feeling in there that history was being made, but we don’t know what history,” he said. “Obviously, we have the conviction of a president. And that is history that we should all feel saddened by, regardless of how you feel about Trump. There is a dehumanizing aspect – that people on the other side no longer view this as a human being. And you saw that when I walked out of that courthouse and saw the celebration in the street.”

“But there’s another history here, Not since John Adams have we seen the legal system used so politically as in this case,” he added, referring to the authoritarianism of the nation’s second president.” It’s in our DNA as citizens that the legal system has to stand apart.”

“And so, you may see an interesting response from the American people that, they may not like Donald Trump – many of them don’t – but they’re sure not gonna like what they saw in Manhattan, and Manhattan is not the entirety of our legal system and it’s not the entire nation. I think that we’re not gonna see that reaction,” he said.

One of those who took the celebration of the lawfare lynching of Trump to a sickening level was former federal prosecutor and current MSNBC host Andrew Weissmann who swooned like a schoolgirl and nearly wet himself over Judge Juan Merchan.

“With respect to Judge Merchan, I mean, I am, like, now — you know, I have like a man crush on him,” gushed “Mueller’s pitbull” on the day of the verdict.

Another leftist of note, “The View” foghorn Joy Behar told viewers that she almost did pee in her pants when the verdict came down while she was in Costco.

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“Legal analysts and commentators openly celebrated on MSNBC and CNN — joining many in the streets,” Turley wrote in his latest column. “This was a thrill-kill conviction, and the response of many in the media bordered on the indecent.”

“For many outside of Manhattan, the scene was repulsive and chilling,” he said. “You can hate Donald Trump but still be repelled by the use of the criminal justice system for political purposes.”

“For them, it was a cathartic moment that was described by one commentator as a reason to celebrate and a ‘majestic’ moment,” he added of the celebrants. “For the rest of us, it was more menacing than majestic.”

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