Joy Reid claims black people ‘built this country’ and Obama’s presidency isn’t enough for reparations

MSNBC host Joy Reid spewed her continued hatred of America in a recent interview in which she declared that blacks “literally, physically” built this country.

During an interview on “Salon Talks” with writer Dean Obeidallah, the host of “The ReidOut” also contended that former President Barack Obama and his stint in the White House serve as the only “reparations” black Americans will ever get.

Reid discussed her view that “there are two Americas” and her version of the history of blacks in the nation as she promoted her new book about civil rights activist Medgar Evers and his wife Myrlie Evers-Williams, declaring that “the country has never loved us.”

“One big takeaway Reid hopes readers will bring from ‘Medgar and Myrlie’ is that the struggle for equality for all Black Americans and others is far from over — as are the threats of violence from those who support white supremacy,” Obeidallah wrote.

The left-wing lawyer-turned-writer asked Reid about “the way that Black people through time have been treated,” and whether she sees injustice ” directed against the Black community, or the double standard where white people in power like Donald Trump are treated vastly different than everyone else.”

The MSNBC “race lady” was certain in her response.

“To be a Black person in 2024 in America is to be in a state of complete perplexed confusion about what is wrong with a country that hates your history,” she said, “that to this day can’t admit even the basics of what was done to your ancestors, that can’t accept any responsibility for the lack that has carried through the entirety of your existence in this country, and that thinks 60 years of relative freedom is enough.”

She continued with her predicted consequences – albeit certainly magnified.

“Now, Blacks, please get out of Harvard. Now, Blacks, you can’t get any more loans. You can’t even give each other loans of $20,000 unless you give them to white men who get 99% of funding for their businesses. We want 100,” she said.

“And to find out that literally Barack Obama’s two terms as president are your reparations, and Juneteenth, which you already celebrated anyway, is your reparations,” she continued, referring to Obama’s tenure as the nation’s first black president.

“Yet you built this country. You literally, physically, built this country, and yet the attitude toward you from a lot of your peers and your fellow citizens is: Just shut up and be grateful,” she complained.

Reid was also asked about the current state of the media and how to handle the challenge of not “normalizing” former President Donald Trump as he runs to be re-elected.

“Right now, Trump is the problem, so we have to talk about it. It is on the Biden side to get their story and their narrative out. It’s not our job,” she asserted about the job of journalists. “We have to state the problem, and right now, the problem is that we have a certain percentage of our country that wants to live in a dictatorship and will say so on TV.”

Reid’s almost unsurprising take on history got called out by many on social media.

Frieda Powers


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