‘The View’ wants Trump to be censored in debates with Biden

Leftists are concerned about President Joe Biden’s ability to function to the point where the ladies on “The View” are calling for presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump to be censored in any head-to-head debates this fall.

The octogenarian Democrat may only be a few years older than his Republican adversary but when it comes to mental capabilities, Trump is light years ahead of the borderline senile Biden and would make mincemeat out of him in a nationally televised debate that isn’t strictly controlled.

One of those measures of control, at least if the ladies on the popular ABC daytime gabfest get their way, would be to isolate Trump inside of a booth and cut off his mic at key times.

During the discussion of whether or not Trump will show up – although Biden is the one being non-committal to the traditional debates – co-host Sara Haines suggested that the environment should be strictly controlled so as to protect Biden.

“…I say that because normally my gut would tell me it’s good for democracy. I caveat that with, if we do not know these two men as well as we do, it would be more important for them to be debating,” she said. “The problem is, for the reasons you just spelled out, Donald Trump comes on and without — I wish they would put him in phone booths and cut mics after a certain amount of time, because in addition to the fact-checking, he overtalks, gaslights, and everything else.”

“So, oftentimes, the comparison to Donald Trump makes anyone look less-than on some level. You know? He looks crazy too, but remember how he would, like, come behind Hillary and he was, like, always hovering,” Haines added.

Like a lot of bitter feminists, co-host Whoopi Goldberg is still smarting over the political newcomer’s lack of deference to the entitled Hillary Clinton in the 2016 debates.

“She should have kicked her foot backwards and hit him where it hurts,” Goldberg said, suggesting that Mrs. Clinton should have just drop-kicked her Republican opponent in the family jewels.

In 2020, Biden benefitted from the help of moderators like Chris Wallace who often intervened to unfairly help him out and the same would almost certainly be the case again this year if the Democrat’s handlers don’t come up with an excuse for him to chicken out.

A debate rematch between Trump and an older and even less coherent Biden would be absolutely brutal and something that Democrats would understandably want to avoid at any cost if they can’t ensure that it’s rigged.

Chris Donaldson


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