Joy Reid rants about white conservatives of faith being ‘special citizens’ who can do what they want


MSNBC host Joy Reid has a bone to pick with just about everyone, it seems, and on Monday’s episode of her show “The ReidOut” she singled out “white, so-called Christian conservatives.”

She claims, without presenting any real evidence aside from how she feels, that these “special citizens” get to do whatever they want in America with no consequences. She lamented that conservatives have Fox News to watch, and use a new social media site called GETTR, which she likens to some kind of “porn.”

She begins her tirade by saying that the United States “became a declining democracy in 2021” as a result of former-President Donald Trump and the events of January 6. She then heads into talking as though she is one of the “white, so-called Christian conservatives” she is discussing.

“I don’t want to pay a penny more in taxes to help. Hell, if I play my cards right I might be the next Bezos and take pleasure trips to space. If I choose, I’ll give to charity because that’ll make me feel good and make me look good, but you can’t make me help other people,” she sneered. “It’s a version of citizenship that depends not just on toddler-level selfishness, but on the existence of a group of ‘special citizens’ who must always win and be appeased in order for things to be ‘fair’ and secondary citizens and non-citizens whose feelings just do not count.”

But she wasn’t finished with her mockery. Reid then painted this imaginary group of people to be a racist, sexist, bunch who want to burn books and keep people from learning history.

“It’s a society designed to make me, the member of the special citizen group, and people like me feel good all the time. So if a school history lesson makes me uncomfortable because it presents people like me in a negative light, no one can be allowed to learn that lesson,” she said, presumably speaking about the parent-led movement against Critical Race Theory being taught in schools. “My special citizenship means all history has to big me up compliment me and make me happy all the time. Never mind that the other people who are stuck in the secondary citizen groups had their history consigned to being secondary characters in the American story. Just slaves that seem happy enough to my ancestors so what is the big deal? Just the Chinese who built the railroads and had no other important history or the Japanese who were interned, but we cannot talk about why that was or that they were actually Americans.”

The segment continues on in this manner, maligning the imaginary people of the so-called “special citizenship” that Reid believes have so much power over the goings-on in day-to-day America. At the end, she decries that people have options when it comes to their news-viewing experience.

“And they even have their own cable networks plus something called GETTR, which kind of sounds like porn. Moving on.”

Sierra Marlee


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