KJP denies Hunter Biden has been receiving classified info in White House meetings

Amid reports that former crack addict Hunter Biden has become the de facto gatekeeper to President Biden, the White House is now stamping out yet another fire of its own making.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre already has her hands full keeping reporters at bay as they inquire about the president’s cognitive decline. On Tuesday, the diversity hire was asked by Fox News reporter Peter Doocy if Hunter, who is reportedly sitting in on executive meetings, “has access to classified information.”

The president’s official spokesperson responded with a resounding “No,” offering no further details.

The lack of transparency here fuels distrust in the administration’s handling of the situation. Hunter is now a convicted felon after being found guilty on federal gun crime charges, and he is set to go on trial in September in California on tax charges.

After the disastrous presidential debate two weeks ago, NBC reported that Hunter, who Biden has called the “smartest person I know,” has been joining his father in meetings with top White House aides.

“What the hell is happening?” senior staff members were asking, according to the network.

Jean-Pierre confirmed at a press briefing last week that Hunter was with his father as he prepared to deliver a prime-time response to the Supreme Court‘s opinion on presidential immunity.

“Hunter came back with him and walked with him into that meeting, that prep, that speech prep, and you know, and he ended up spending time with his dad and his family that night,” KJP told reporters. “That is basically what happened.”

“What I can say is that he came back with his dad from Camp David,” she said. “He walked him into the speech prep. He was in the room.”

Amid a growing chorus for Biden to drop out of the presidential race, the New York Times reported that Hunter was among the “strongest voices imploring” his father to keep running when the family holed up at Camp David after the debate.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) sent a letter to the White House last week demanding answers about Hunter Biden’s involvement, requesting a “full accounting of any classified information discussed or disclosed in these meetings.”

Tom Tillison


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