Judge in Trump prosecutor’s divorce case cuts off Fani Willis lawyer: ‘Let me interrupt you’

In yet another sign of trouble for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s case against GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump, the judge in prosecutor Nathan Wade’s divorce case shut down her attorney.

During a Monday hearing in Cobb County Superior Court, the embattled Democrat’s lawyer Cinque Axam tried to make the argument that Willis shouldn’t have to give a deposition in the case against Wade, a man whom she hired to quarterback the show trial against Trump who she is accused of having an affair with, beause she’s too busy.

Axam told Judge Henry Thompson that his client “manages a staff of 360 plus lawyers and staff. She oversees … 20,000 open cases. She coordinates, on a monthly basis, at least 500 hundred or more cases,” he said, according to Fox News. “Of course, the most recognizable issue is she’s dealing with the Fulton County election interference involving former President Trump.”

But before he could go on, the judge cut him off, asking him to limit his argument to why his client would be lacking of “unique personal knowledge” of Wade’s divorce case since it’s alleged that he was having a fling with her.

“Let me interrupt you. Let me ask you just to focus on the part of the law that says the proposed opponent lacks unique personal knowledge of any matter that’s relevant,” Judge Thompson said. “Are you saying that your client lacks unique personal knowledge that could not be discovered in some other way?”

“I think there are other means by which that information can be retrieved in the case,” Axam said, replying that the case had been ongoing for over two years and the order for his client’s deposition only recently arrived.

The lawyer didn’t leave the courtroom without one small victory with Willis’s deposition which had been scheduled for Tuesday now being bumped back until after Wade gives his testimony.

“It seems to me that Mr. Wade would be the first and best source of what his income has been and how he’s been spending it, and that he would have firsthand knowledge of whether he is engaged in an extramarital affair,” the judge said, according to CNN. “Only after I hear what Mr. Wade has to say do think I can make a determination of whether the proposed opponent has any unique knowledge about these issues.”

Willis’s ginned-up prosecution of the former president over the controversial 2020 election was rocked when she was accused of an “improper relationship” with Wade, an inexperienced trial lawyer who was picked to prosecute her case against Trump with the allegations of the hanky panky jeopardizing the entire lawfare operation.

Matters could be about to get worse for Willis after the judge ordered the unsealing of the divorce case, allowing court records of the bitter fight between the prosecutor and his estranged wife Joycelyn Wade to be made public which could bring further embarrassment to the Fulton County DA.

On Friday, credit card statements showing Wade’s expenditures on trips taken with Willis were publicly revealed, the proverbial smoking gun showing evidence of the alleged romantic relationship between the two.

“We are not seeking her deposition as the DA,” Andrea Hastings, an attorney for Mrs. Wade said, arguing that she is seeking Willis’s deposition “as the alleged paramour of my client’s husband. I’m sure it’s inconvenient. It’s inconvenient for all of us. However, I have questions and she needs to answer them.”

Chris Donaldson


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