Judge should dismiss ‘half-baked’ Hunter Biden civil suit, ex-Trump aide says

Faced with “half-baked legal challenges” from Hunter Biden, a one-time aide to former President Donald Trump filed for dismissal of a civil lawsuit related to spreading the contents of the infamous “laptop from hell.”

Garrett Ziegler, the man behind founding the company Marco Polo and the creation of a searchable database of the contents of the Biden laptop, sought dismissal of the suit brought against him and 10 unidentified associates in a California court Thursday.

Among the four reasons eyeing the dismissal in the Central District of California, the motion from Ziegler’s attorney Robert H. Tyler labeled the suit from Biden a retaliatory strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) with the intent to chill “protected activity…speech or non-speech conduct made or done ‘in connection with a public issue or an issue of public interest.'”

Referring to the basis presented in the 14-page September suit as “half-baked legal challenges,” the motion to dismiss from the former aide to Trump’s trade adviser Peter Navarro asserted, “Plaintiff filed this action in retaliation against Defendants for publishing information, media, and emails originating from the files of the infamous ‘Biden Laptop.’ The Plaintiff, a public figure and son of the current U.S. President, abandoned his laptop computer at a Delaware repair shop. The shop owner turned the Biden Laptop over to the FBI on or around October 2019 after discovering disturbing material.”

“Soon after, media outlets gained access to emails and documents found on the Biden Laptop, resulting in a media storm of allegations against Hunter Biden and President Biden regarding potential foreign compromise,” Law and Crime cited the motion as stating.

Filed against Ziegler, his company and the unidentified associates who were accused of spreading “tens of thousands of emails, thousands of photos, and dozens of videos and recordings” considered “pornographic,” the civil suit had referred to the former aide as a “zealot” responsible for a “sustained, unhinged and obsessed campaign” against the Biden family and alleged he “spent countless hours accessing, tampering with, manipulating, altering, copying and damaging computer data.”

“While Defendant Ziegler is entitled to his extremist and counterfactual opinions, he has no right to engage in illegal activities to advance his right-wing agenda,” the Biden attorneys charged.

Ziegler’s legal team argued in the Thursday filing, “Plaintiff alleges no facts which demonstrate Defendants ever accessed any computer, storage, or service which Plaintiff either owns or has exclusive control over.”

In addition to asserting that Biden had filed a SLAPP suit, the former aide’s team said that the president’s son lacked standing to sue, lacked personal and specific jurisdiction as they questioned the existence of a link between Ziegler and California, and that the accuser had not established a claim under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). The motion stated, “Plaintiff cannot demonstrate meritorious claims either.”

Kevin Haggerty


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