Karen of the Year: Allegedly drunk traveler obsessed with arresting officer’s penis size

A drunken airline passenger has been dubbed “Karen of the year” after a newly released bodycam footage of her profanely berating a police officer and it not going well for her went viral.

In the video of the incident which took place in September 2023 as she was flying from Dallas-Fort Worth to Colombia, the blonde woman is seen after she got into an argument with airport staffers who asked her to consolidate items in her carry-on baggage.

Once police responded to the scene after being notified of a problem by American Airlines personnel who said that she struck them with her phone, the unruly passenger didn’t do the sane thing by trying to de-escalate the situation, but rather verbally attacked the officers, mocking one over the size of his penis.

The woman, who claimed that she only had consumed two “very full” vodka and tonics at the airport bar acted as though she had downed much more booze with her belligerent behavior that ended with her being hauled off in handcuffs, but not before peeing all over herself.

“I have flown for 30 years, I am a high school graduate and I worked my way out of the darkest hole anyone could imagine,” the woman said as things began to spiral out of control. “And you can f**k off, I hate this whole place.”

(Video: YouTube/Police Watch)

“I’m not innocent… I’m definitely not completely sober but… I’m not as drunk as you think I am, I’m just super traumatized,” she said during the exchange with officers, becoming more irrational and demanding to speak to her lawyer.

“I am trying to be nice, and now I’m done so let’s call my lawyer,” she shouted, attempting to leave as the police informed her that she was being arrested for public intoxication.

“Pieces of mediocre s**t of your life, you feel good make $60,000 a year?” The drunken blonde woman shouted. “You f**king tiny piece of s**t. You feel good f**king your wife with you’re f**king five-inch d**k?”

As she was being escorted from the airport, the woman fell down and at that point, officers observed that she had soiled herself.

“Did she p**s herself? Yep she did,” one of the officers is heard saying, as the woman insisted that she hadn’t peed herself but the officer noted that there was the scent of urine in the air.

“It’s probably the guy who f**ked your wife before he f**ked you,” the out-of-control woman responded, continuing to hurl vulgarities at officers.

“You feel good about yourself? You f**king six five eight d**k stack f**king short tiny a** dick… wearing a uniform makes you feel good about yourself? You and your f**king facial hair,” she screamed, completely obsessed with the officer’s penis.

The police were eventually able to escort her from the premises but not before the whole thing was preserved on video that has now made her famous in the wrong kind of way.

Chris Donaldson


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