‘Karen’ yells at neighbor quietly exercising in her yard, claims she’s ‘infringing her human rights’

Joanne Groves claims she was quietly instructing a workout client over video call when her “Karen” neighbor went berzerk.

Groves posted a video to TikTok that shows her working out, minding her own business, when her neighbor begins shouting that the fitness instructor is “infringing” her “human rights” by “shouting” instructions at her client.

When Groves politely and quietly informed her neighbor, who is across a rather large fence and is heard but not seen for the whole video, that she had COVID-19 and therefore couldn’t scream, the woman started doing some shouting of her own. She even claimed that because the woman was outside working out, somehow that barred her from enjoying her own yard on her own side of the fence.


@joannegroves Thank you for the concern . #neighbourlylove #workout #bullying #covid19 #mygarden #personaltrainer ♬ original sound – Joanne Groves

While the video cuts off there, that wasn’t the end of the interaction. Part 2 of the video shows the fitness trainer resume her workout while telling her nosey neighbor to “grow up.” The “Karen” replies by telling her ill neighbor to “f**k off” and that appears to be the real end of the interaction.

@joannegroves Reply to @xxxxxkmmmmdk #gotcovid #part2 #neigbours #karen #fitness #mygarden #duet #fasterme #bully ♬ original sound – Joanne Groves

For the record, England’s National Health Service (NHS) recommends that COVID-positive people stay home, but says they should spend time outdoors and work out as they are able.

According to her comments to the Daily Mail, this isn’t the first time her neighbor has pulled a stunt like this, though they haven’t spoken since the spat.

“I teach a 30-minute class outdoors online every day, and I was talking my client through her moves. It’s ironic because I wasn’t shouting,” she explained. “She was clearly stressed. I’ve lived here for 18 years and she has a history doing similar things, I think people are fed up of being told what to do. But I was working and keeping within the guidelines.”

“I haven’t spoken to her since, she’ll just have to wait to see that she went viral,” Groves added.

While this particular incident took place across the pond, Americans are intimately familiar with COVID “Karens” who believe the pandemic has given them permission to stick their noses in everyone else’s business.

In December 2021, Patricia Cornwall allegedly assaulted an 80-year-old man who was reportedly not wearing his mask properly while eating on a flight from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. “Delta Karen” as she has come to be known was arrested and faces federal charges for her conduct during the flight. She was arrested by the FBI.

Sierra Marlee


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