Kari Lake finds the perfect gun for daughter’s 21st birthday: ‘I won’t always be there to protect her’

Republican Senate hopeful Kari Lake bought the perfect gift for her daughter’s 21st birthday, gifting her with a Sig Sauer P365-XL Rose after she went on a date night with her husband at a firing range.

The gun was developed in collaboration with World Champion Lena Miculek and was created to encourage and inspire women to take on the responsibility of their own personal safety through education, training, and community, according to Guns.com. That model goes for about $950.

Lake purchased the 9mm handgun for her daughter Ruby after visiting the Scottsdale Gun Club on Saturday evening with her husband, Jeff Halperin. They presented their daughter with the gift at dinner that night.

“My baby girl is growing up. I won’t always be there to protect her,” Lake told the Daily Mail in an interview. “But Jeff and I raised a responsible young woman who understands gun safety and is more than capable of looking after herself.”

Arizona is a gun-friendly state and Lake is a big proponent of the Second Amendment. Democrats are smearing her every way they can fearing she will win Arizona’s Senate seat.

Open carry is allowed in Arizona. You must be 21 to buy a gun in the state.

While on date night, Lake and her husband fired off his FN PS90 submachine gun at the range.

“The Rose model is designed for women learning about guns. It is meant to fit easily into a purse without sacrificing too much control or accuracy, and comes with an eye-catching rose gold finish,” the Daily Mail reported.

“It was very important to Kari that her daughter has the means to protect herself, especially after the news of Laken Riley’s brutal murder,” a spokesman for the Lake campaign commented. “She feels very strongly that Americans must take it upon themselves to arm up and ensure their family is protected. Kari and Jeff viewed many options but ultimately decided on a Sig Sauer P365-XL Comp Rose Edition (9mm). An excellent choice.”

Laken Riley was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant from Venezuela while jogging at her university. Reports contend she died from blunt force trauma. Conservatives see her tragic and unnecessary death as blood on President Biden’s hands due to his intentionally leaving our borders wide open.

Kari Lake is in one of the toughest political battles in the U.S. fighting for Arizona’s Senate seat being vacated by Independent Kyrsten Sinema. That seat is one of a handful that will determine if the Republicans take back the Senate this year.

The Second Amendment could be one of the key defining arguments in a state, where ranchers along the border face threats from Mexican cartels and traffickers, and which has long attracted people looking for open skies and freedom,” the Daily Mail noted.

“Lake’s Democratic opponent, Ruben Galego, is campaigning on a manifesto that calls for ‘common sense gun reform,'” the media outlet added.

Lake is one of Trump’s staunchest supporters and is not budging from that position. Illegal immigration has become the number one issue in the country leading up to the election and the former news anchor has made it her top priority.


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