Hillary Clinton’s message to Americans seeking better choices in Nov: ‘Get over yourself!’

Hillary Clinton had a message for Americans who may not be too happy about their choices for the 2024 presidential election: “Get over yourself!”

The two-time failed Democratic presidential hopeful appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote the Broadway musical Suffs, which tells the story of the suffragists as they fight for women’s right to vote — Clinton is a producer of the musical.

Host Jimmy Fallon elicited a groan from Clinton when he mentioned the November election, pointing out that it’s a contest between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

“What do you say to voters who are upset that those are the two choices?” he asked, after assuring his guest that they “have to” discuss it.

“Get over yourself; those are the two choices,” the former secretary of state replied.

As Fallon cheered her on, Clinton proceeded to make her case for Biden over Trump by referring to the lawfare being waged against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“You know, it’s kind of like, one is old and effective and compassionate, has a heart, and really cares about people, and one is old and has been charged with 91 felonies,’ she said. “I don’t understand why this is even a hard choice. Really. I don’t understand it.”

Americans love underdogs and the idea that many see Trump as perhaps the most persecuted man in U.S. history as a result of his successor weaponizing the Justice Department to go after him doesn’t seem to register with Clinton.

“But we have to go through the election, and hopefully, people will realize what’s at stake because it’s an existential question. What kind of country we’re going to have, what kind of democracy we’re going to have,” Clinton added. “And people who blow that off are not paying attention, because it’s not like Trump, his enablers, his empowers, his allies are not telling us what they want to do. I mean, they’re pretty clear about what kind of country they want.”

Interestingly, those who undermine democracy the most continue to wrap their efforts in the blanket of protecting democracy.

“Get out there and vote,” Fallon responded, coming as close as he’s willing to at the moment to endorse Biden.

“Get out there. This is a that’s what this is really about. Get out there and vote,” Clinton said, echoing the sentiment.

Tom Tillison


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