Karl Rove hawks anti-Trump polls, offers debate advice

There is no question that the guilty verdict from a jury in one of the bluest districts in America in a trumped-up, politically motivated trial against Donald Trump proved to be a fundraising bonanza for the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee.

On the other hand, a series of well-timed polls — including one from Fox News — suggests that the persecuted former president slipped after the verdict in his race against President Biden, and Karl Rove broke out a collection of whiteboards to declare that this is officially a trend.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“There’s been a trend since the May 30th guilty verdict in the New York case,” Rove said Saturday during an appearance on Fox News’ The Journal Editorial Board.

“So Biden has numbers that are moving up a little bit under women and seniors,” Rove said. “He’s still underperforming among women. Trump is doing well among Black, Hispanic, and young compared to previous Republican campaigns and his own. But…the movement is among independents. And they have moved, in recent polls, roughly nine points towards Biden.”

Host Paul Gigot pointed out that this is “probably playing into the Biden strategy which is to call Trump a convicted criminal and hit, bang away at that, bang away on that,” before asking his guest how should Trump respond.

“Well, I’m not certain how useful it is. I think this is one of those things that is better left to the, you know, to the organic process of letting people get the information and imbibe it,” Rove said.

“I think in the debate itself the more that Biden talks about a convicted felon, the more it gives Trump a chance to say, well, your son has already been found guilty of a gun violation because he was a druggy, and he’s now going to be up for tax evasion, so this lends to the view that all politicians are the same,” he continued. “And so I’m not certain that this is going to be, you know, maybe you touch it a little bit, but it would be, to my mind, not the best thing for Biden to do in the debate.”

Rove detailed what he believes each candidate needs to do to win the debate.

“If you want to look at what each one of them needs to achieve, Biden, most important of all, needs to leave us with a sense of sustained mental acuity so we say the guy is up to the job,” he explained. “We can’t have have word salad. He’s got to turn this into a choice, it’s me and him, and there are big differences on important issues. And it’s got to be, ‘I get you, I’m about you.'”

“With Trump, on the other hand, he needs to come across as reasonable. We cannot see the Donald Trump of 2020 in that first debate where he was screaming and yelling and interrupting.”

Tom Tillison


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