Conservative journalist laughs all the way to the bank as his wedding proposal triggers outraged liberals

A journalist served up a ready-made meltdown for the left with a simple caption to a milestone moment shared with his lady love.

Sunday morning was momentous in more ways than one for Addison Smith as a pair of images garnered over 6 million views on X in one day’s time for the journalist with less than 20,000 followers. It wasn’t so much his marriage proposal to his now-fiancée Charis Edwards that triggered alphabet activists and keyboard warrior allies alike, as it was the accompanying “Pride” message.

Side-by-side, an image on bended knee and one of hands being held with a ring-adorned finger captured the proposal to the senior booking producer for “Lou Dobbs Tonight” under the caption, “Pride month is so defeated. I love you @charisedwards.”

With a resume including Just the News, NewsMax, One America News Network and Campus Reform to name a few, the 24-year-old’s culture war message didn’t go unnoticed by the creatures of social media who made certain to announce their pronouns in their bios.

In some form or another, many offered up the same take, “Your first thought when proposing to your wife is gay men? I predict this will be a pattern. Condolences to your wife,” while one suggested, “Bless your heart. She should probably run but good luck. Thoughts and prayers.”

Reacting to the avalanche of comments and the massive amount of views that accompanied it, Smith told the Daily Mail, “Just when we thought our engagement weekend couldn’t get any better, we triggered an entire army of libs in the process. We can’t think of a better way to cap off Pride month.”

He’d also offered a number of follow-up posts, including many responses directly to some of his detractors. In one drawing attention directly to the viral nature of his initial post, Smith reveled in the social media success and remarked, “Hundreds of thousands of views. Endless angry comments…The libs are triggered. PRIDE MONTH IS DECIMATED!! HUGE WHITE BOY SUMMER W.”

His fiancée joined in on the action as she picked up tens of thousands of views captioning the original post, “Make June Great Again.”

Tacking on to his bride-to-be, Smith followed that message with one of his own and wrote, “Make June not gay again.”

An added layer to their revelry came when the journalist decided to share a screenshot of a private message between Edwards and himself that reminded about the benefits users had on Elon Musk’s social media platform the more people engaged with their content.

Earning the response “HAHAHAHAHA AMAZING” Smith informed his fiancée that profits from the post would be on their way to help re-elect former President Donald Trump, “Fixin to inform the libs that the ad revenue from this will be going to Trump’s campaign.”

Kevin Haggerty


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