Kevin McCarthy weighs return to DC if Trump wins — X begs him not to bother

Ousted former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suggested Sunday that, if former President Donald Trump wins the White House in November, he’d consider a return to government.

“Look, I have always said I will serve whichever way if I’m the best person for the job,” McCarthy told CBS News’ Margaret Brennan on “Face The Nation.”

Not exactly a commitment, but more than a “not on your life.”

“But I think people worried about whether they get a job in the next administration is the wrong place to be,” McCarthy continued. “You first have to have the election. I think you should be going out to the American public and showing them, yes, with President Trump get elected, we would have a secure border.”

“We’d have a stronger economy,” he stated. “We wouldn’t be evacuating five embassies. We wouldn’t have war around the world. We would be much stronger and the future would be much brighter.”

Though the future would arguably be brighter under a second Trump term, McCarthy, the replies indicate, need not return to government to make it so.

“Go away, McCarthy,” pleaded one social media user, “far away!”

Others didn’t appear quite so opposed to the idea.

“I just want an honest guy with some kahunas,” one user said. “BIG ONES!”

“He is SO vying for a cabinet position,” predicted another.

And at least one user would welcome the former speaker back.

“Why tf did we get rid of him?” the user asked. “Dude actually wasn’t a bad Speaker.”

During his “Face the Nation” segment, Brennan accused McCarthy of citing “counterfactuals” about an imagined Trump administration.

“I don’t think so,” McCarthy replied. “I served with both presidents. That’s exactly the situation today.”

“We have evacuated five embassies under President Biden,” he said. “We’ve had high inflation under President Biden. We have a wide-open border. We have people who are on the terrorist watch list, more people in one month of February getting across our border than the entire time when President Trump was in office.”


Melissa Fine


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