KJP’s ‘Bidenomics in action’ tweet gets ‘Community Notes’ treatment and it’s glorious

In addition to being the historic first black, lesbian immigrant for the job, the primary qualification of White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is her willingness to spew brazen lies from behind the podium on a daily basis with no fact-checking from the press corps.

With zero chance that she will ever be held accountable by the complacent media, it is up to the community on X, seen by many as the nation’s sole remaining major free speech platform, to call B.S. on the pixielike prevaricator and that’s exactly what happened when she was fact-checked over her dishonest spin on “Bidenomics” despite the economic pain being felt by real Americans.

“Today, we got more good economic news. 199,000 jobs created last month,” she wrote. “A total of 14.1 million created under President Biden. That’s Bidenomics in action,” Jean-Pierre wrote on Friday after the latest jobs report was released.

According to Fox News, Jean Pierre’s tweet was hit with a community note but it appears to have since been removed, possibly by one of the left-wing activists who remain deeply embedded at Elon Musk’s company’s San Francisco headquarters.

“Nearly 72 percent of all job gains since 2021 were simply jobs that were being recovered from the pandemic, not new job creation,” according to the release. “In fact, when looking at today’s economy compared to pre-pandemic levels, employment is up only by 3.7 million,” the note reportedly said.

The diversity hire’s boss tried to foist off those same numbers but was also fact-checked by a community note on the platform previously known as Twitter noting that much of the job growth that the geriatric Democrat is taking credit for positions recovered that were lost during the mass hysteria of COVID.

“The over 14M (14.2M) jobs total is factually correct but missing context. The November 2023 figure is 4.7M higher than the February 2020 peak of employment before COVID-19 forced shutdowns and layoffs. It’s more accurate to say 9.5M jobs were recovered and 4.7M created,” read he clarification attached to Biden’s tooting of his own horn.

X users praised the context shooting down the regimes latest big lie as well as did some of their own fact-checking of Biden’s mouthpiece.

Despite their control of the media and the message, the regime just can’t find a way to get around the experience of ordinary Americans who get a reminder about “Bidenomics” with every trip to the grocery store.

Chris Donaldson


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