Virginia Dem in online sex scandal claims she didn’t know videos existed: ‘My entire life was rocked’

A failed Virginia House candidate who was outed for having sex online for money is now claiming she’s the victim, though surprise, surprise, nobody believes her or her allies.

Allies like Politico, which published a sob piece about Susanna Gibson on Saturday portraying her as the victim of evil, Machiavellian Republicans.

“It is not often that a state legislative campaign in an off-season election seizes the national spotlight,” the piece reads. “But that is what happened in September, when the Washington Post revealed that a promising Virginia Democrat, Susanna Gibson, had previously been captured in a recorded video performing sex acts online with her husband.”

“The video — a recording of an explicit livestream that the Post said had been uploaded elsewhere on the internet — had been shared by a Republican political operative, according to the paper. The Post’s report upended Gibson’s life, to say nothing of her candidacy,” it continues.

Oh no!

What exactly did Gibson do? She performed sex acts with her husband live on the Internet for tips via a video streaming website called Chaturbate. She basically produced porn for money, which is legal but very, very frowned upon, especially in the political realm.

“Gibson and her husband were featured in more than a dozen videos that were archived on a site called Chaturbate in September 2022, which is after she officially entered the race for delegate, and the most recent videos were archived on Sept. 30, 2022,” according to Fox News.

And then when busted, her campaign fell apart, leading to her both losing the race and crying that she was a victim.

“Once news broke and Republican operatives shared the story ahead of election day, Gibson insisted that she was the victim of ‘an illegal invasion of my privacy designed to humiliate me and my family.’ She continued to stay in the race, until she lost,” Fox News notes.

Months later, she’s still crying, much to the annoyance of critics.

“My entire life was rocked on Sept. 11, when the article ran. It ran, implying that I performed sex acts online with my husband for money. It was really written based on this Dropbox file that self-described Republican operatives shopped around. They had found these videos on the dark web and shopped them around to various news outlets. I didn’t have any idea that there were ever videos of me that had been made and uploaded to multiple sites,” she told Politico.

“I think it was Sept. 7, I was in clinic seeing patients and a reporter reached out to my campaign, trying to get my phone number. That’s how I found out. When you find out that there are sexually explicit videos of you online, especially by being contacted by national reporters — it is a feeling that I would not wish on my worst enemy,” she added.

But critics say it’s a “feeling” she could have avoided by just not producing porn in the first place. Critics also take issue with her use of the term “implying.”

It doesn’t help that Gibson is now seeking revenge.

“Gibson alleges that the political operative [who leaked the Chaturbate videos] engaged in revenge porn and she’s seeking legal action against them to ‘hold them accountable’ — once she figures out who did it. She also plans to advocate for Virginia to make its current revenge porn law stronger,” the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported earlier this month.

Critics, some of them her fellow Democrats, don’t appreciate this either.


Politico is also facing some heat for running a sob story about her and suggesting she was “exposed,” when in reality she exposed herself.


Vivek Saxena


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