‘Laugh or cry? Not sure.’ Pro-Trump ad set to air during debate sparks mix of emotions

A devastating new Trump ad reportedly set to air during the highly anticipated presidential debate is making waves on social media.

The snarky ad titled “Who’s laughing now” mocks a bumbling, fumbling and confused Joe Biden that would be comical, if the circumstances weren’t so dire.

No doubt, millions will be tuning in to see former President Trump take on Biden and partisan CNN moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper.

And while CNN is seemingly doing its part to go easy on old’ Joe – no live audience, muted mics –Team Trump is determined to get its point of view across any way it can.

“When you think about the Joe Biden you saw debate, ask yourself a question…” The ad begins.

“Do you think a guy who was defeated by the stairs, got taken down by his bike, lost a fight with his jacket, and regularly gets lost makes it four more years in the White House?”

Then enters a clip of a cackling Kamala Harris with a warning about who’s waiting in the wings.

To many Trump supporters on X, the thought of a Harris presidency was too frightening to bear, and reactions quickly poured in:

Trump suggested he and Biden be drug tested before the debate — an offer Biden reportedly declined. It’s already getting primed to be an interesting night!


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