CNN mocked for touting how new debate mics will work: ‘Hilarious and sad at the same time’

CNN’s debate stage setup and rules have taken on a new level of absurdity as the network highlighted how the microphones will work when President Joe Biden squares off with former President Donald Trump on Thursday.

In rules that are clearly set to give Biden the advantage, microphones are set with “technology” that will not allow any cross-talk between the contenders.

In an explanatory video, CNN gave viewers a look at how this “sudden innovation in debate technology” will work.

Green lights will tell Biden and Trump that their microphones are on while no light will indicate… the mic is off.

“CNN shows how their new microphones will work for the debate tomorrow, a move that is likely designed to help assist 81-year-old Joe Biden,” Collin Rugg noted on X. “This is hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

“The sudden innovation in debate technology is remarkable. What could have driven this?” snarked David Sacks.

The debate will be moderated by vocal anti-Trump anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash. With Thursday’s event being a far departure from previous debates as it’s set to take place in a television studio and there will be no live audience, Trump recently weighed in on the challenges.

“That’s the other thing,” Trump told Washington Examiner’s Byron York. “You have no audience to read. To me, the audience is easier because it’s telling you what is going on, indirectly, with applause or not applause. This room is a sterile, dead room, which is I guess what they want.”

The CNN grand tour of the debate stage and the comical “green light” technology earned the network even more mockery on social media where it was called both “hilarious and sad at the same time.”

Frieda Powers


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